Face in the clouds

I forget when I took this, sometime early spring of 2010. Not very good lightning-wise, but I really liked the color. Mark Mims pointed out the face in the clouds, just to the right of the tree. I didn’t even see it at first. I tried adjusting the contrast a little to bring it out. The coolest thing was I did it all right from the iPad. Contrast, text, and even this blog stuff. Love this app…



Lightning Rules

I love lightning photography. It is one of my favorite subjects. It doesn’t judge you, it never says, “Does it make me look fat?”, and there’s no chance for a reshoot. What you get, is what you get. Of course, there is the danger of getting electrocuted, but I’ll take that over those poor professionals who have to spend six hours dealing with brides, grooms, and families. In fact, lightning might be safer. Besides, it’s not going to sue you if it’s not happy with it’s pictures.


This was from one of my only (but favorite) shoots last year. A line of storms came through on a night with a full moon. Most of the action was to the right of this shot, but I kept watching and saw a few stirrings, and took a chance. I was rewarded with this brilliant blast, out the side of the clouds, lit by moonlight. The white specks are actually stars visible in the clear sky.


This one was one of my first shots on that same night in July of 2010. A lot of the crappy clouds finally moved out of the way later, but i was impressed with this one, too, as it went through so many layers.

I know, you hate the watermarks. I do too, but a lot of people feel they can right click pictures and print them off and hang them up, or even worse, submit them to contests, etc. I wouldn’t mind if people only wanted them for desktop backgrounds, but who knows what happens to a picture when its out there. So – we suffer through the watermarks. Of course, if you want to buy one of my pictures, I’ll be happy to sell any of them to you. Except for ones of my kid, that’s just creepy, so don’t ask.

A word about “it doesn’t matter productions”. For years I used WWMD? (What Would Mark Do) as a slogan for images, video, etc. This year I found out the Glee people started using it to mean “what would madonna do?”. It upset me that they stole my idea, but as there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, it had to happen sooner or later. It Doesn’t Matter Vineyards is my joke business I use when making Jelly. “It Doesn’t Matter” is also my idea for a restaurant name, and “It Doesn’t Matter Farms”, which is my garden. Therefore it only seemed logical that “It Doesn’t Matter Productions” should be an extension of that theme. Video and Photography, of course. Try using a fake company name when you are filling out internet forms. You’ll be amazed the catalogs and freebies you get offered once your name gets sold.