Cold Weather Camping Time

At our last expedition on the Foothills Trail, I tried my best to make Trail Pancakes. The results were… bad. Pretty terrible, actually. I wound up with the pancake version of scrambled eggs. If you’ve never had scrambled pancakes, then don’t. Most of my problem was a brain fart:

Never follow the instructions on pancakes. The box said use X amount of mix and X amount of water. So I measured the mix and took it with me, and dumped in the measured amount of water, and had runny pancake soup. The resultant mess cooked like crepes, which made a mess and I wound up just drinking the raw mix. Can you say NASTY?

So, I tried the pancake experiment at home. Put mix in bowl, add water a little at a time, stir, and add more if necessary. Finally… I got it done, and cooked over my stove in my little egg pan.


I cant cook a pancake that nice on my griddle at home. The perspective is a bit off, but yes, the pan is 4″ wide. I need some syrup now.

Cold weather camping offers some interesting choices for food in general. You would never wake up in August, already hot and sweating, and think “Hey lets cook pancakes!” But in the cold weather, its nice to have something warm while you delay getting up. The refrigerating quality of the air also lets you take along some fun stuff.

BabyBel Cheese keeps for days in the woods in the winter. It’s tasty, fresh, and has calories or something. Who knows, it’s CHEESE in the WOODS. You can’t beat that.

Meat! Freeze a piece of steak or fish, stick it in your pack (wrapped well) and by the time you hit camp, you have a defrosted piece of fresh meat to cook. I typically go ahead and sear the outside of my meat, to lessen the cook time and go ahead and dry up some of the meat juices, so the meat isn’t such a bloody mess in the packaging. If you don’t have a fire that first night, you’re stuck carrying rotting meat juices with you.

Bacon Bits: The precooked bacon bits will keep a few days in cold weather. Stir some up in your pan after you make your pancakes.

Eggs: I’m not a big egg eater, but you CAN take eggs with you if the temperature is cold enough. Add it to your bacon and pancakes and you’ve got a full force breakfast in the woods. I’ve seen it done…

Meanwhile, I’ve been testing a few things for an upcoming trip. I have a NEW set of Grizzbeak doors for my tarp. I’m looking forward to having two ends enclosed for cold weather. My Taco Wrap has yet to be tested in the woods, so I’m looking forward to enjoying a night in it. I put it up yesterday to the chargin of the neighbor’s dogs, and after laying in it a while I’m convinced there’s enough ventilation that it shouldn’t cause an issue with condensation.


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