Taco Wrap – Phase two.

If you’re following the construction of the Taco Wrap (And why wouldn’t you, because its so AWESOME), last night to the chagrin of those living with me, I tie dyed my stuff.

The blue bottom piece I did with the “snake belly” fold, basically like a piece of paper with an accordion fold. It always looks strange, like a snake’s bottom side. The top piece, which is green, is done in the classic spiral. Its going to look really cool when the sun comes up in the morning and I’m looking through the spiral, navy blue on green.

The colors are a little wonky on the wood floor with no white comparison (thanks, cell phone camera), but you can at least see the pattern.

img_5630 img_5631

Next I have to put the hammock suspension back together, test the ridge line length, get everything set up just right, and then prepare to attach top to bottom. The biggest issue is going to be making the window and attaching the bug net. I anticipate much wailing and gnashing of teeth for that.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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