It’s alive, It’s ALIVE it’s ALIVE…

So it turns out the TimeTrax thing on my computer just needed a few things. The first was a working driver for the Serial-USB chip on the board, a Texas Instruments 310. IF you have this issue, just Google TUSB310 and there’s a windows 8 driver that works fine.

The second was the fact that after about 10 seconds of being powered on, Windows thought TimeTrax was a mouse. So, I had to wait for the precise moment the “mouse” popped up in Device Manager, and click “disable”.

After fixing the drivers, boom, TimeTrax was back and blinking. Next, I had to add some cables for the XM Radio. You can see here a long black 2-wire cord running across the whole thing. It leads from the back of the front panel jacks into the XM radio under the plate. That way, the internal radio passes through the same resistors that the old external radio did.


With everything working on the hardware side, it was time to fire up SXMRecorder. Unfortunately, the old version wouldn’t work. Thankfully although the program is years old, and run by one guy, he had an updated version that works just fine on Windows 10.


I was glad to see everything was still working as it should. Now I can let the computer once again do its job of steadily plugging away and making MP3 files for me at its leisure. Next up, downloading a new copy of WonderFox DVD ripper/converter. With a faster processor, maybe it won’t take a full day to convert a movie to something I can watch on my iPad.


Author: theosus1

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