Kick Ass Quilts – time to sew again.

I’ve gotten a bit better at sewing since I first started the whole hiking thing. My first project, which I still have, is my under quilt for my hammock made from synthetic ClimaShield insulation. It gets me down to around 40 pretty good, anything lower than that and I’ll use my professionally made down quilt, which is supposed to get me to zero degrees without the threat of death. My hammock is below – with the bright green taco-liner under it.

My hammock with my home made underquilt.

The problem now isn’t cold, but warm. The ClimaShield under quilt is warm, but thick and bulky. Its kind of heavy and takes up a good bit of room in the pack, sitting at the bottom like a big rock. It would be nice to have something a little smaller and lighter for summer months, say when the nightly lows are around 60. Too cool to go with nothing (especially in the wind), yet where the other quilts are overkill.

I resurrected this article, published on line several years back, which has since disappeared. Warning – you click once and it takes you to an “about” page where you have to click it again.


I’m hoping to put it to good use once someone on the hammock forums can tell me a good insulation thickness for dealing with 60 degrees or so.

Stay tuned, Hammocking crafters – time go get out the old “thread injector” and make some new stuff.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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