Pancakes Anyone?

I have experimented several times recently with trying to cook pancakes at home, over my camping stuff. The results have been – interesting – to say the least. The pancakes have stuck to my titanium plate, they’ve stuck to aluminum foil, they’ve been burned in the middle and raw on the edges.

While strolling through Wal-Mart today on our regular Saturday morning adventure, I happened across the “easy eggs” pan. Its a small aluminum pan, about 4″ in diameter with a non-stick coating, a ridged bottom, and a long plastic handle with a daisy-shaped cooked egg printed on the end. I was thinking, this would be perfect in the woods. Four dollars later, it was mine.

In case you can’t find “easy eggs”, Bed, Bath and Beyond has a similar thing:

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 9.57.17 PM

I got the Wal-Mart pan home and pulled off the plastic part, leaving just a little metal tab with two rivets. In the example above, I guess you could just cut off the handle right near the pot. Leave enough to grab with your multi-tool, or leave it all if you don’t carry such a thing. I just weighed the handle, it’s .6 ounces, whereas my multi-tool is 1.2, so if I can get rid of that, the little eggy handle is even lighter.

13645198_10206925291107801_6370442571228869173_nThe pancakes were easy to mix. Hungry Jack makes a pre-mixed powdered  box of “pancake mix”, just add water. So I got my squishy bowl and spork, and mixed up a cup of mix. The tricky part is heating the pan. I set it on my Snow Peak gigapower stove and and turned the flame on low. Even with the ridged heat-spreading bottom, it stayed a lot cooler on the edges than the middle, because I had to run the flame on low, so it was all right in the center. I poured a little mix in the pan, and moved the pan around with the pliers, in slow circle to heat it all evenly. Shortly the bubbles formed and then stopped filling in when they broke. I grabbed a spatula and flipped it over. I’m going to need to get a spatula and cut it down to about 2″ by 3″ just for this pot. I flipped the pancake, and heated the other side.

In this picture it looks like a full size pan, but trust me, it’s only around 4″ from side to side, and at a weight of 1.9 ounces, it weighs almost nothing. The pancake was as good as any on the big griddle, so I judge it a success.

13692622_10206925291187803_471067045881760445_nNow I just need a hike and some cold weather.



Author: theosus1

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2 thoughts on “Pancakes Anyone?”

  1. IF you are handy, you can dump the pancake onto the bigger spatula and flip it before putting back in the, mine would prob be on the ground, but I understand you u would cut a spatula. Know you can.

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