Making a hammock…

A friend of mine asked me to make him a hammock since he does some boy scout stuff, and apparently hammocks are popular now in the scouting industry.

Normally I just make single-color hammocks because they’re easier and cheaper (less fabric, less stitching). He asked for black and red, and let me pick so I put the black as the main body and the red as the outside. I used 1.9 ounce ripstop – mainly because the squares make it easy to cut straight lines.


Pinning up the sides is always the toughest part on these. I leave the selvedge on it (the funny looking 1/2″ edge left over from manufacturing) because it is a little tougher and makes rolling the hem easier. I went ahead and pinned both sides at once.


Once the sides were done, I rolled the end channels for the suspension ropes. This part is pretty easy and fast, you don’t have to be as precise with it as you do the sides.


The finished basic hammock blank. Just a big rectangle of black and red.



Now for the sacks – I usually make a storage sack for the hammock – you stuff the whole thing into its own sack during the day, and at night you have a storage place for a water bottle or headlamp or whatever. I hate making the sacks. I REALLY hate making the sacks. I always make them too big or too small. So I made one too small and sewed it on anyway, because who can’t use an extra storage sack?


The larger one is plenty big for the hammock, the suspension, and maybe a small toddler.


The finished hammock with the end ropes in place.

Hammock6So I had the red leftovers from the side pieces, and decided to try tie-dying it since my previous efforts have been less than pleasing. I used standard Rit Dye, added 2 cups of water and two cups of vinegar. I heated the mix to 180 degrees, tied up my cloth, and dumped it all into a ziplock bag for two hours. After removing and washing – here was the result:

TieDyeI also figured out something new this week after replacing my camelback hose. The camelback hose works great with the sawyer in-line. I made a video about it.