Tying one on

So I finished – almost – my first completely home made hammock chair. I took my light blue hammock chair apart, pulling out all the cords and laying it flat. Afterwards I washed it in the machine on hot and put it to dry, to get off any body oils or dirt. I found some generic dye for synthetics at JoAnn fabrics and bought two colors, green and purple.

Mixing the turned out to be a bit more of a challenge than I’m used to. I lined a bowl with heavy duty aluminum foil, and added the dye mix, and poured in hot water. It was a bit like trying to wet down peanut butter and make it a liquid, but with enough careful mushing and stirring I got it dissolved. The dye instructions say not to use anything that might be used with food, so everything has to be lined with foil or discarded after.

So, I would up my greenish sheet and put rubber bands on and carried my dye, now in squirt bottles, out onto the porch, and squirted dye onto the thing. Then I placed the whole mess into the oven on a cookie sheet (lined with foil) on 215 degrees for an hour. See – you’re supposed to boil the fabric in the dye bath for an hour, but since that would only mix all the colors up, putting it in the oven sets the ink without all the bothersome stirring and dye mixing all over into a brown sludge.

After the oven treatment the thing went into the washer, twice, for two loads set on hot. Some of the ink washed out, but overall I was generally pleased with the outcome. Anything was better than pure “robin egg blue”. The picture below was taken with an iPhone in the bathroom and came out wonky, but the basic pattern is there, even if the color is off.


Next came re-assembly, I threaded my “dog bones” back through the end channels and tied them off. That left a hang loop for the chair. You can see the fabric color a lot better in the picture below.

The dog bones hold the chair up, and the whoopie sling below clips to them. The green color of the rope used to be pretty close to the original chair color. I made the slings and tree straps myself. I finally got a tool that makes forming the slings REALLY easy and fast. I like working with the rope now.

I made a little bag to sew to the side of the chair which will hold everything, but the bag is just a bit small and has no draw cord to hold it closed. I have just a bit of fabric left from my other project, I’ll sew up a new bag with a draw cord this week, and have a finished hammock chair to share on the trail.



Author: theosus1

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