Well, Sling my whoopie

My Dutch Gear Whoopie Hooks came in the mail today. I was amazed at the small size and weight. 3.5 grams each. In comparison, a nickel weighs 5 grams, so 2 Whoopie Hooks weighs just slightly more than a US nickel.

I’m either getting good at the Amsteel stuff, or I got lucky, because it took me less than half an hour to put the hooks on the rope ad thread them into whoopie slings.

IMG_5979The blue line is the whoopie sling part, and the grey line is the hammock chair side. It’s blurry because no matter what I did the iPhone would NOT focus on the hook! To put this thing up, I put the strap around the tree, pass the blue line through the opening in the strap, and then clip the hook to the chair.

IMG_5980Once that’s done, I can vary the length of the blue rope to make everything hang right. Although I prefer trees a bit closer together than I do for normal sleeping hammocking, maybe closer to 8-10 feet instead of around 15 feet, the ropes are long enough for that. The tree straps ended up being just a hair over 5 feet, making them perfect for medium size trees. Some of the trees I’ve hung on in the woods are much bigger around, and some really thinner, but this is a good compromise.

IMG_5982Over all, I’m pleased with my modifications to my Trippy Gear hammock chair. It comes in at .7 pounds or thereabouts. Not a bad addition to the pack for what it does. It could do double duty as a gear holder: in wet conditions I could string it up under the hammock, and put my pack into it, keeping it off the ground. But it’s just good for lounging around, eating lunch from, or relaxing in camp without getting all the way in the tent.





Author: theosus1

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