The FitBitch

That’s what I call my newest gadget. Technically it’s known as the FitBit Zip.

fitbit-zip-140321Mine is the blue bastard on the far right. All it really does is mock my laziness. I have a friend that puts in over 13,000 steps a DAY, I’m lucky to break 9,000, even running on the damn Dreadmill for 2.5 miles.

My running friends irk me with their “I ran 6 miles in 45 minutes!” posts on Facebook, especially the ones that put up their little tracks of the route they ran. I only do the Dreadmill thing, which sucks. You know when you’re walking or running outside, and you fart, you sort of leave it behind. When you’re trudging along on the treadmill, and let one loose, it stays right there with you. You’re walking like crazy, but you sit there enveloped in your own cloud of stink until the air conditioning vent catches it and whisks it away.

I do 2.5 miles in 45 minutes. That sounds like nothing, I’m sure, but always leaves me sweaty and miserable and ready to say “screw this, where’s the bacon?” I can tell it’s getting better though. I start at 2 miles per hour, and increase it up to around 3.8 miles per hour. I try to mimic the way I feel hiking up hill with a pack on. I set the thing on an incline (actually it is always up, it broke on full up) and try and take long walking strides. By getting fast enough that I ALMOST want to break into a run, I can really feel myself get tired.

But the FitBitch has been a fun little toy. I can compare to others in my little group and see how we are doing. If you want to join my fitbit group, just let me know in an email to theosus at gmail dot com. I’ll add you to my circle of friends who torture themselves with exercise.

On a lighter note – I’m finally returning to an actual hike. I’ve been camping twice this year, once hiking for a ways and cheating by camping right next to the car. The other by pretty much avoiding the hiking part of the hike and just doing the camping part. It’s easy to get spoiled car camping (or just camping near the cars). When camping involves the trunk load of wood you brought, and a chain saw, you’ve really sort of let yourself go.

Thus comes the two night Foothills Trail Adventure. Last year we did this, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to my body. I’m hoping this time I’m in better shape and that I’ve taken a it less weight with me (both on my body and in my pack) and that I won’t be so miserable by the end of day 3. We are cheating a LITTLE by not carrying the full packs most of day one, but still, there are two nights in the woods ahead of us and 35 miles to walk over a weekend.


Take that, FitBitch, you smiling mockery.



Author: theosus1

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