Begging for Money time!

If you’ve ever looked through GoFundMe, its an interesting site with LOTS of weird stuff. There are people who have asked for all sorts of strange and rather unnecessary things.

One of the funniest and most laughed at on the Disney Facebook groups is “Please send my kid to Disney World!” Seriously, you want the rest of us hard working people to send you and you family to Disney World? Its a vacation, for Christ’s sake. And, here’s the funny part: My wife and I can never figure out exactly why they need so much money. Theres always a huge disparity between what Disney says a moderate vacation resort would cost and what they are asking for. Hey, if I’m asking the public to fund my vacation, you better believe I would do it as cheap as possible. Stay in a Value resort, take some of my own food, drive or fly (whichever is cheaper from where I live), and don’t do any “extras” (like the Bass Fishing excursion or Keys to the Kingdom tour).

But the site does do a lot of good. People have received medical help, new cars, apartments, furniture, even had help rebuilding houses and stuff after fires.

Of course, then there was the kid that got $10,000 to make mashed potatoes for a school project, so not everyone really thinks before clicking “donate”.

So, it’s my turn to beg for dollars. I need about $3000 of them.


In January of this year my child’s Beta Club team won some regional events. Now six of them need to go to the National Convention in Nashville Tennessee. It’s an 8 hour drive (which we can handle), and three nights in a hotel plus food and expenses.

This is not a rich school district, and the school can’t afford to send them. They are helping with the registration fees and throwing in a little for lodging, but most everything falls on the parents. They aren’t even sending a bus, it’s up to the parents to drive and pay for pretty much everything. I hesitate to think about how different it would be if it was a sports team going somewhere, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, if you would please spread the word, post this on your Facebook site, reblog it, even Tweet it or send out an Instakikagram or whatever you kids use these days… I would appreciate it. Of course, if you can donate anything, that would be a big help, but at least put the word out. After all, I spend a lot of time trying to write fun and informative material for you people, and I don’t get paid for it.

We aren’t asking for much for the kids. They won’t even attend the whole conference, just the days they need to compete. We are asking for help with lodging and gas money, and that’s all. Food is on the parents, as is entertainment during down time. the site is:

You can stay anonymous if you wish, and if (I’m really hoping here!) we get too much money, the extras will go to the school for expenditures on academic programs like this.




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