Fun at the hospital

Everyone can agree going to the hospital sucks. Whether you fell off the roof trying to take down that damn inflatable snowman after Xma$$, or whether you’re having strange pains, or even if your doctor just wants to have some fun and run strange instruments through your various orifices. Hospitals suck.

So why not have some fun?

So, the wife and I drive to the hospital with our kid. After sitting in the main waiting room for a while, they take us back to the registration desk. I send the kid on into the second waiting room, where we always wind up after paying. The desk clerk is taking her information and asks the wife “is your primary contact still Mark?”

I look at my wife and ask, in a surprised voice, “Baby who is that?” And the clerk has an “oh shit” look going on. My wife starts laughing, and tells me to stop joking around. The clerk sighs audibly and says, “oh thank goodness, I’m like, not this again, hahaha”.

Now I’m shocked. Because I didn’t expect that. But given the skankiness of some people, I’m really not surprised.

So, after a fleecing by the hospital, they send us back to the main waiting room. I have to get the kid, and she’s sitting alone in the second waiting room near a couple of old people. I look at her and say,

“Come on, they’re not going to let you sit in here because you’re all contagious and stuff”

My kid, who doesn’t miss a beat, hops up and says, “okay!” I think the old man is asleep or watching TV, but the woman has this look on her face that says, “holy shit, what did I just catch?”

See, hospitals can be fun.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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