Don’t squash my sack.

Okay so I got my URSACK. I will post a video of it at some upcoming date and time, when:

1. I have time.

2. The weather doesn’t suck major ass.

It’s South Carolina in December, so that means it’s either warm and sunny (when I’m busy at work and can’t have any time to do anything), or it’s cold and/or raining (when I’m off and should be raking leaves or splitting wood or hanging xmass lights or making URSACK videos).

In case you are new to my realm, Welcome!

As reviewed before – the URSACK is sort of a bullet-proof vest made into a bag too tough for bears to get into. Yeah, sounds silly, right? A cloth sack that a bear can’t tear up?

Yet, it works, they’ve done tests with real food and real bears, and they can’t get the sacks open, especially when used correctly. Bears have powerful jaws and lots of teeth, but their teeth are dull. Sure, they work fine at crushing the throat of an elk and tearing flesh from bones, but when pitted against man’s toughest fibers, they just don’t have the sharpness to get through. And evidently their claws aren’t good enough either.

So – I retired my old bear bag, rope, and carabiner, which weighed a few ounces. Now I have this super bag that weighs half a pound, so I lost a little bit in the battle against  weight loss. But – I’ll accept the loss when it means I don’t have to dig a sooty rock out of the fire pit, look around for twenty minutes at dusk to find a good branch, and then try and throw a rock over it.

The only problem I see is it’s white. REALLY white. Like whiter than Rush Limbaugh white. The thing is made from aramid fibers or something, which come out white and don’t accept dye, so they come in one color only. It will show up in the woods a mile away. I might have to make a cover for it.

From their web site (with the optional aluminum liner – which I didn’t buy because, hello, metal is heavy). I’m really looking forward to trying this thing out.



Author: theosus1

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