2013 Hiking review – in VIDEO.

As I spend more time hiking up the road to nowhere on my Dreadmill, usually listening to music and trying not to have a stroke, I occasionally like to look at videos online and movies that other people have made. Mostly I look at recordings of Dash Berlin concerts, because the flashing lights and fast paced music keep me entertained enough so I don’t just say “screw this shit” and give up.

But sometimes, I like looking at videos and such that help inspire me where getting in shape is concerned. One of those is National Geographic’s “Appalachian Trail”. Its a good 50 minute movie, if you’ve never seen it. It has some filler material that I skip over that I really could care less about, but all in all it’s worth about 30 minutes worth of Dreadmill time.

A week or two ago when I was pulling my hair out making movies on iMovie I figured putting my own hiking video together was a worthwhile effort. Then, if I was bored on the Dreadmill (and who isn’t when your alternative is staring at the wall in front of you for 30 minutes counting the steps until you can get off the bloody thing), I could watch a video of ME, and look at some of the fun hiking things I have done.



I put together a few. My first was pretty bad, I barely knew how to run the program, and just maybe the soundtrack wasn’t the best choice for walking through the woods. The second was better but not really long enough, even though I did a few longer hikes, I really didn’t hike overall as much as I did in 2013.

I finally stumbled through iMovie and made a 2013 video. That felt like an accomplishment. A good length (12 minutes!), and a decent soundtrack (you really can’t go wrong with John Williams), and just enough space on my Vimeo account. Who could ask for more?

So, if you want to watch, here it is.



Author: theosus1

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