Mother of the Year award…

So I’m doing my weekly penance today, serving my weekend time by going shopping at Wal-Mart. After all, I have to keep the 11 and 12 year old sweat shop kids in Mongolia well fed and working, right?

So – I’m shopping for crap and since no two wal-marts are set up the same way, I’m basically wandering confused from aisle to aisle looking for a bottle of Rit dye. I get the following picture, which reinforced my views that humanity is heading down a deep dark hole from whence it shall not return:



Showing up at Wal-Mart at lunch in your too-short frayed superman pajamas just shows that you’ve pretty much given up on working hard at doing anything. I’ll bet anything last night’s dishes are still in the sink (or the take out boxes are still on the coffee table).

While I was wandering around and chuckling happily to myself for getting a photo that would be proud of, I hear a woman yelling at someone. Pajamas AND domestic abuse you say? Its the Wal-Mart blue-plate special. Now all we need are some cops dragging someone out in handcuffs and we’ll have the trifecta.

But no, as I snuck closer to listen, I hear a woman yelling at her teenage daughter. Yes, I wandered by the end of the aisle to see, still looking for the elusive Rit Dye. The conversation is relatively one-sided, and filled my heart with joy.

“You ain’t gotta be like everyone else. I don’t care if they do it. That ain’t you. You don’t take what you don’t pay for.”

My heart fluttered. Here was an older woman berating her daughter for STEALING. In an age where people are lazy enough to wear pajamas to the store, and who are proud to hand over their food stamp cards, and who want everything given to them, where people are demanding $15 an hour for making fries and want free phones and internet and free health care, here is someone standing up to the status quo against what is commonly accepted, that taking from a Big Corporation is wrong.

I left them to themselves, thinking, “you GO mom”. Whatever that really means, good job at actually parenting, instead of just going with the flow.

I finally gave up on the Dye and found it at my regular WalMart. It didn’t come out so well. I was trying to turn last year’s Disney Ghost costume into a Dementor. However, I’ve never seen a purple Dementor. And I don’t mean dark purple, either, I mean like a “lilac” purple (I said that was a flower, my wife insists that there IS a color called ‘lilac’).

And, we all can agree, that everyone needs bags of skulls around the house.




Author: theosus1

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