Smartpost… Isn’t.

I’m all about shopping local. I shop local whenever I can, and what’s more local than shopping from the convenience of my own bedroom? Nothing compares to buying batteries, cupcake pans, books, video games, and towels from the comfort of my desk chair, in my pajamas.

I know, I could always do the same thing at Wal-Mart, even in the pajamas, but I like shopping LOCAL, so I’d rather do it from home. If you go somewhere and buy something, the thrill is gone. You buy it, you come home, and that’s it. There’s no anticipation, no waiting, no pulling back the lid from that cardboard box and ripping apart the plastic blister pack.

So, imagine my happy dance when I found these in REI, only to see they didn’t have the color I wanted. They had white, and I wanted the green/blue combination.

60dee47cb8d5 Eagles Nest Hammocks Twlights at OR reduced

Yeah – they are a set of battery-powered little LED lights you string up around your tent or on your hammock ridge line, to give you some light at night before you go to sleep, or in the morning as you wake up. Looks perfect to me. I used a glowing bracelet thing last time, and although it was nice at first (it helped me find the hammock in the dark), I couldn’t turn the damn thing off, and it was in the tarp ridge line, and I was IN the hammock, with a bug net between me and it, so I couldn’t get out easily and hide the damn thing down in the pack.

So, these looked fun and I had other things I needed, so I ordered them from Amazon, eagerly anticipating following my purchase through several cities and knowing exactly when it would be headed my way.

Alas, all hopes were dashed when I read, “Your package has been shipped with FedEX SmartPost”. Crap. SmartPost sucks. If you’ve never suffered the indignities of smart post, let me clue you in. FedEx apparently ships the package part of the way, then dumps it off at a USPS sorting facility to be handled the rest of the way. And we all know how well the USPS handles packages and mail, and notifications. I’ve never had a package notification go right from the USPS. It’s sometimes labeled as “on the truck” when I’ve had it for two days, and sometimes it says it will be delivered tomorrow, and it winds up at the house four days later.

So, I had to tell Amazon exactly what I thought of SmartPost, and that I would rather pay for shipping or pay a surcharge so I don’t HAVE to use smart post. I would MUCH rather have all my stuff come through UPS.

So I fired off an email, which apparently went to India. GajRaj sent me this rather nice email back, saying they won’t send my stuff through SmartPost any more (yay!) and they even gave me five dollars back on my purchase. Good for Amazon! I’m so glad I shop local, big box stores just don’t give you this level of service.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 1.43.04 PM


I’m Shopping Local more often.


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