School is back! And so are the lunch Nazis.



A friend of mine sent me the above notice she got from her local High School when she registered her kids. Most of it makes sense. Except for parts 2 and 3.

Food and Drink items purchased from Fast Food Places and Convenience Stores are not to be brought onto campus from the parking lot. That I guess is okay, eat in the parking lot. Students leave and go back and forth to a vocational school type thing, and some of them pick up lunch on the way back.

Part three really irks me. Food and Drink Items (i.e. lunch from a fast food restaurant) may not be delivered to a student during the school day. Jimmy forgot lunch? Uh-Oh! I’ll run by Arby’s and grab him a sandwich and some curly fries. Not in this county!

I remember being at schools a few years ago, and seeing parents come in to eat with their children. Mom or dad would bring in a sack of something delicious, instead of institutional crap that most school have to serve. The kid would be the envy of the class. Not only is Dad eating with the kid, but they’re having delicious yet not so good-for-you food.

And I think that’s the problem. Schools are being forced to hand out more healthy food now. No more friend chicken and greasy foods, more healthy alternatives, which the kids all hate and the staff struggles to make tasty. The kids hate the new menu, the staff hates it, Bobby Flay couldn’t make a quality meal within the guidelines of what they have to work with, and now the school has to play big brother with what parents send to school.

I remember seeing an article somewhere on the internet a few years ago. A woman sent chicken nuggets to school with her child. Who hasn’t had chicken nuggets, right? The school sees them, and takes them away. “Those fall outside our nutritional guidelines”, and they make the kid purchase a lunch from the school.

Excuse me, but your “nutritional guidelines” don’t apply to the one time in a month some parent sends their kid to school with an outside meal. I probably would have gone to jail, because I would have been up at that school screaming at someone.

So watch out parents, on top of all the pens, pencils, wipes, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, mop heads, paper towels, toilet paper, and desks you have to send with your child as part of their “school supply list”, make sure you pick up a copy of the accepted school menu wherever you send your kids.



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