Delicate Sounds of Thunder

It’s been quite a while since I have been able to photograph any decent storms. Last year was just sort of Blah. We got a lot of rain, sure, but nothing really awesome in the way of lightning storms. However, last night, that changed. I wasn’t able to get a really good position, because the trees are in my way, and the wife and kid don’t like me driving to an empty field and standing out in the open holding on to the metal tripod. Something about electrocution and fried brains and such… But, I can still go out in the driveway, so here are some of my halfway decent shots of lightning from last nights’ storm in our area.

I love this one… Looks like a skeletal dragon or something.

stormsmall01 stormsmall02 stormsmall03 stormsmall04 stormsmall05 stormsmall06 stormsmall07 stormsmall08


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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