Come and take them! (I misplaced them last week anyway and I could sure use the help locating them)

A pretty good solution….

door to the far right

Ok, I have read quite a few articles and seen a bunch of clever little picture blurbs describing what will happen when “they come for your guns.” There seems to be a failure to understand who “they” might be, and what methods “they” would employ.

Chances are “they” will show up with no fewer than half-a-dozen well armed, well trained, well armored individuals highly motivated to survive the ordeal. As the tear gas begins to spread throughout the room you may begin to have second thoughts about the decisions you made to get to that point. “This is bad” you think.
“How did I get to this point?” Cough,cough.
“Wouldn’t there have been some kind of indicator that this was about to happen?” The hypothetical you inquires as your front door shatters and (maybe it’s the CS gas) but ninja turtles with M-4s rush through the doorframe.

Funny you should…

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Author: theosus1

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