My Favorites – no selfies allowed.




Some of my Facebook buddies have seen some of these already, but since they and thee are two different groups, I had to put these here. Its a shitload of pictures, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Cruise Mediums410
Our big ass boat

Cruise Mediums358 Cruise Mediums351 Cruise Mediums348 Cruise Mediums347 Cruise Mediums343 Cruise Mediums338 Cruise Mediums333 Cruise Mediums321 Cruise Mediums320 Cruise Mediums314 Cruise Mediums304 Cruise Mediums301 Cruise Mediums298 Cruise Mediums299 Cruise Mediums291 Cruise Mediums289 Cruise Mediums287 Cruise Mediums283 Cruise Mediums279 Cruise Mediums278 Cruise Mediums270 Cruise Mediums263 Cruise Mediums256 Cruise Mediums254 Cruise Mediums245 Cruise Mediums236 Cruise Mediums221 Cruise Mediums220 Cruise Mediums210 Cruise Mediums205 Cruise Mediums204 Cruise Mediums198 Cruise Mediums193 Cruise Mediums192 Cruise Mediums188 Cruise Mediums189 Cruise Mediums186 Cruise Mediums185 Cruise Mediums176 Cruise Mediums177 Cruise Mediums165 Cruise Mediums158 Cruise Mediums144 Cruise Mediums135 Cruise Mediums128 Cruise Mediums127 Cruise Mediums092 Cruise Mediums093 Cruise Mediums090 Cruise Mediums085 Cruise Mediums083 Cruise Mediums082 Cruise Mediums081 Cruise Mediums079 Cruise Mediums076 Cruise Mediums073 Cruise Mediums071 Cruise Mediums069 Cruise Mediums068 Cruise Mediums066 Cruise Mediums065 Cruise Mediums061 Cruise Mediums058 Cruise Mediums057 Cruise Mediums055 Cruise Mediums054 Cruise Mediums051 Cruise Mediums045 Cruise Mediums044 Cruise Mediums042 Cruise Mediums041 Cruise Mediums039 Cruise Mediums038 Cruise Mediums032 Cruise Mediums030 Cruise Mediums029 Cruise Mediums025 Cruise Mediums022 Cruise Mediums020 Cruise Mediums017 Cruise Mediums015 Cruise Mediums011 Cruise Mediums010 Cruise Mediums007 Cruise Mediums004

Cruise Mediums362
Pretty paint job for a fort.
Cruise Mediums368
Cruise Mediums365
Nno one knows how to “play fort” like the Puerto Ricans.
Cruise Mediums369
This thing needs big balls.
Cruise Mediums380
Statue to Columbus, in San Juan.
Cruise Mediums383
Outside the wall. But not waiting for the worms to come.
Cruise Mediums385
Whose is bigger? San Juan boat view.
Cruise Mediums391
Kaylee and Haylee (our trivia host many times over)
Cruise Mediums397
Wading in the sand.
Cruise Mediums403
A sand dollar, before you find it dried out in a gift shop for $4.
Cruise Mediums402
Its a sea cucumber ladies, don’t get excited.

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