If it smells like fish – eat it!


I had the chance to broaden my dining horizons over the last week. Having paid for all you can eat, a cruise provides an opportunity to try new things. Carnival offered us a “didja” item on every menu, as in “did you ever want to try…”

Normally you wouldn’t go to a restaurant and order something out of your normal range of likes, especially if you didn’t know if you liked it and would have to pay a lot for it.

The first thing I tried was crawfish, which wasn’t even on the menu, it was sitting on some rice on a buffet. Easy enough, it’s a lot like a big shrimp. Passed that test.

My next Didja was alligator. It was in fritter form, which pretty much killed any flavor. Fry most anything hard enough and add enough breading, and it will be edible.

Shark came next, in a sort of egg roll form, diced up with some other stuff. It was okay, not entirely to my liking but okay.

I had sushi, which I have had before, but this was some different fish in different forms. Very tasty.

My strangest Didja on the ship was frog legs. Not very good. Greasy and oily, like dark meat chicken with less flavor. So he brought me a crab cake, not exactly weird, but a first for me.

Probably my oddest off ship eating adventure came from a tour operator. He pulled a conch from the water, removed it from the shell, killed it and peeled it right in front of us. After cutting it up he passed it out. It was mildly pleasant, like an over cooked shrimp.

Of course, no cruise is complete without a drink or two. A nice 12 year Glenmorangie single malt went very well with dinner one night. Another first…



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