Finished my tie out clips

I finished cutting, shaping and smoothing my rain fly tie out clips. Using the center hole, I tied a double fishermen’s knot and slipped the knot over the tree strap. This part will stay connected in the bag.

To test it I clipped it around the tree, and tightened the strap. From there it was the work of about 7 seconds to loop the tarp rope around the little hook and through the slot.

Done. No knots, no cord locks. For additional security, I looped it around the hook and then back through the slot the other way. I put a lot of force on the rope, and guess it would take a heck of a gale to rip the rope lose.

It came out just as easily.



I’m looking forward to trying these out under a time limit, to see how fast I can put my rain fly up, just in case.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

2 thoughts on “Finished my tie out clips”

  1. MAN that is cool!!! I read all your blogs on how you came up with this. Can you patten it or invent it even though the other guy has something similar?? This isn’t the same thing for sure. GOOD JOB!!!

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