Strapping it on.

On my last hike I was struggling to tie my tarp rope around a tree when I started thinking, “there has to be an easier, faster way”. The rope kept slipping and tangling. Plus, apparently the hammock forums people really Poo-poo on the idea of just throwing bare rope around trees, even on tarps.

I decided I could make a set of adjustable tree straps, using straps and buckles just like on my pack. A quick trip to JoAnn (a fabric store) and I had some strap material and buckles. I also got some cord locks.


So there is a buckle and a snap hook on each strap. Nice and compact rolled up, and easily clipped and tightened to a tree.


So there it is – clipped and tightened. The snap hook is there to provide an instant attach point. No picking on my sewing skills on the strap.

I put my cord locks on the rope, and snapped them in place. The cord locks were supposed to provide a good quick adjustment system, but they don’t hold the weight of the tarp. I’m going to have to find some different kinds or something.

So far the system works a little better, and I’ve been able to eliminate a bunch of extra rope. But I’m still stuck with tying a knot on each end, a process I was trying to speed up.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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