I’m making a kilt.

My wife says it’s a skirt. I disagree. Women wear skirts. Men wear kilts.

No, I’m not making it out of tartan wool or anything. Although that may be fun to do in the future. I think kilts are pretty cool, but real kilts are heavy, hot and expensive.

I’m making a rain kilt for hiking.

I have a pair of rain pants, but I hate them. They are heavy, bulky, and hot. Plus, if it starts raining, I have to stop, pull them out, slip my sandy, gross shoes through the legs, then pull them on, trapping sand or mud against me. Either that or take my shoes  off and get dirt in my socks. They don’t breathe well, so the legs get sweaty and just as wet as if you weren’t wearing rain pants. Then comes the rain pants removal…. Wet pants coming off over surely muddy shoes.

Someone on a hiking board mentioned making a sort of rain skirt out of an old tent rainfly.

Genius! Something that can slip around you much like a towel coming out of the shower… can be worn whilst walking through the rain, then just as easily undone, rolled up, and put away until needed. Until now, I just haven’t worried about my lower half. My raincoat keeps me dry from the head to the waist, but my butt and legs have been left to fend for themselves. Not too much of a problem in the summer, especially in synthetic pants. But getting drenched in the cold weather can be really uncomfortable, even dangerous.

So, I bought what has to be the ugliest shit-brown color, waterproof nylon fabric ever created, from the fine folks over at thru hiker fabrics

I got their coyote (crap) brown m90 fabric, which weighs in at .9oz a Square Yard! Seeing as how my whole kilt will use less than two square yards, I could carry 12 of them and still be under a pound. The fabric is thin, too. I can wad up the whole two yards in my fist.

I just have to figure out how to make the pleats in the back so I can walk in this thing once the rain starts pouring down on me.

From what I understand, a kilt uses a flat front and pleats on the sides and back to help you walk, run, and slay marauding Britons. This should be an interesting project, if only for my wife’s amusement and watching other hikers double over in laughter into the mud, while I stroll on confidently staying dry from waist to knee.

Of course, its not really a kilt if you are wearing something under it, so now I still have to figure out how to take my pants off in the rain.



Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

One thought on “I’m making a kilt.”

  1. Hahahahahha, keep me posted. Sounds like a plan to me. Remember Rupert on Survivor??? He made a skirt due to chaffing jeans and said it was the BEST thing he ever wore!!!!!!!!!!!

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