The Food and Wine Festival Review

Okay, if you hate Disney World, or you aren’t my relatives, this will probably be a pretty boring one. I promise to return to hiking as soon as I am able to return to hiking. To keep the peace after my last hikes I agreed to no hiking until the end of October, so there it is…

In September the family attended the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT in WDW. It is a nice festival, as it doesn’t require a separate entrance ticket or anything. Of course, this means it gets crowded as crap, even on the first day. There was even a line for the boat ride in Mexico, and there’s never a line for that.

Epcot's Geodesic Dome - there's a ride inside.
Epcot’s Geodesic Dome – there’s a ride inside.

Spaceship Earth is the first thing you see going into EPCOT (EPCOT was Disney’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow – so the EPCOT Center here features stuff about the world around us and how we can make it better). It is impressive during the day, even more so at night. There’s almost always a good breeze under the ball, the wind gets funnels through it.

Under the Ball
Under the Ball
Can you find us?
Can you find us?

Part of the Spaceship Earth ride – a the end they have taken your picture. This is fun to see at the end of the day, they show where people were from, and the map lights up. I have the scared look, wife and child are above me and to the right, like the bermuda triangle.

The Fountain behind the ball.
The Fountain behind the ball.

EPCOT’s fountain is more than a fountain – it is synchronized to music, playing a show every so often.

Festival Center - the old "body wars building"
Festival Center – the old “body wars building”

This building used to be the “Wonders of Life” building, with its only good attraction being a flight simulator called “body wars” (they shrink you and you fly through the body, with the requisite emergencies occurring). The wonders of life were not so wonderful, and the building has been converted into a Festival Center, for things like the Flower and garden Festival, and the Food and Wine event. If you search youtube and google, you can find people that have snuck around the building, finding the old simulators and disused creepy areas.

Inside the festival building
Inside the festival building
Angie looks at Wine
Angie looks at Wine

Of course, you can buy wine at the food and wine festival.

The family members together.
The family members together. On the bench. The guy and the woman on the ramp are unrelated. 
Food and Wine!
Food and Wine!
Exterior of Mission: Space
Exterior of Mission: Space

Even during Food and Wine, we found time for rides. Mission Space is always fun for kaylee. We got way into pushing buttons in the flight simulator. We overplayed the role like William Shatner. It was a lot of fun.

In line for Test Track
In line for Test Track

Test Track features cars you could never afford or maybe even want… Concept cars and designs you make and test.

disOween016 (Medium)

Angie and Kaylee’s preliminary design… it changed a bit.


disOween017 (Medium)

Fred and Ashlee’s futuristic pimped-out ride

disOween018 (Medium)

Us, and some random kid in the back seat from the single rider line. I recorded the journey around the track. Soon to be an awesome film on Vimeo…


disOween019 (Medium)

Freds pimp-o-rama car scores. I can’t believe his scored better than our low-slung car.


disOween020 (Medium)

Kaylee’s monster ride, the final version.

disOween021 (Medium)

Of course, you can pose with your car… Not car models, these two… They look about as excited over the car as an order of fries.

disOween024 (Medium)

Test Track is an opportunity to test cars, and afterwards, the gift shop is a little different.

disOween025 (Medium)

I’m not sure if Fred is hugging Ashlee, or assaulting her… Again, no Car Models in our family.

disOween027 (Medium)

Kaylee did like the green car.

disOween030 (Medium)

Rides over – time for FOOD and Wine in the countries! Note how busy it already was…

disOween031 (Medium)

The beef dish at Scotland was NOT a favorite of Kaylee’s. Each country had kiosks outside, with plenty of extra countries not usually in World Showcase, where you could buy sample sizes of food. Not enough to make a meal off of, just enough to get a good taste. I wish they had recipe’s for these. The fish at Shanghai was some of the best fish I’ve ever eaten.

disOween032 (Medium)

Ashlee and some type of Dole Concoction. Tired of the sun, I’m hiding in the Vacation Club stand.

disOween034 (Medium)

Heading to Vive La France!


disOween035 (Medium)

French Garden. Sache’ Bleu!

disOween037 (Medium)

The Chase Lounge in America was interesting. Free drinks, couches, and phone charging stations, just for being a member of the CHASE credit card holder’s club. We were thinking we would get VIP tickets to the concert outside, but they weren’t giving them out today.

disOween038 (Medium)

Flowers in America.

disOween039 (Medium)

The “American Experience”. I wonder if it is shut down this week, like our government? Probably not, since private industry generally runs themselves a bit better.

disOween042 (Medium)
disOween044 (Medium)

The columns outside of Italy were quite nice. We didn’t eat anything here. Kaylee just had her favorite food in America – Chicken Nuggets. That girl is seriously irksome sometimes. Food from all over the world, and what does she want? Tyson Chicken Chunks.

disOween045 (Medium)

NORWAY! one of our favorites. We didn’t even get a Norwegian cinnamon bun this time, there was too much other good stuff to eat.

disOween046 (Medium)

Okay, I’ll admit it, I did participate in the food and wine bit, a little overzealously here. They had a “Scotch Flight” selection of Glenfidditch 12, 15, and 18 year old scotch whiskey. So, I tried it. After drinking a little of the 12 year old scotch, the rest all sort of tasted the same. My tongue stopped tasting effectively and my throat was roto-rootered by the scotch. Thankfully their really wasn’t that much, maybe two ounces worth in the whole thing, so I didn’t get loaded off of it, but I was still a little light headed and happy for a while. Not the greatest thing in the Florida sun, but I was soon back to “normal”. I can’t imagine these people that make it a mission to “drink around the world”, having something at every station. There were plenty of people oblivious to anything but themselves, a few throwing up, and thankfully no fights.

disOween047 (Medium)

Getting hot, Kaylee?

disOween048 (Medium)

The ball from the back – finally some clouds!

disOween050 (Medium)

Kaylee’s Kinley. She pines for this stuff every year. This year she filled her empty coke bottle with it. Think 7-up… from Israel.

disOween052 (Medium)

Angie having too much fun.. Is that a Michael Jackson hat?

disOween053 (Medium) disOween054 (Medium)

Kaylee Moonwalking I think. With some gangnam style thrown in.

disOween057 (Medium)

“Living with the Land” boat ride… nice and cool, with weird fruits.

disOween058 (Medium) disOween059 (Medium)

Leaving the Land – we go back to America in World Showcase and see bit’s of Starship’s performance. That was nice – I wish we could have seen the whole thing from the seats, but it was nice to listen to from under the trees at America

disOween060 (Medium) disOween061 (Medium)

Look! 80s rockers!

disOween062 (Medium) disOween063 (Medium)

Kaylee, not that enthusiastic about old rock and roll.

disOween064 (Medium) disOween065 (Medium)

Rain? Maybe? Please? Nope. No rain today. I carried my raincoat for two days for nothing…

disOween067 (Medium)

Back in Norway. Back – Back, Over the Falls! Nerd Alert: When I was in high school, a few friends of mine got into the runes. I don’t recall why I think one of them read “the hobbit” – but I used to be able to write in them as well as I could in English. Now I can barely identify ten of them. I wonder what this says… Probably something like, “Thanks for coming to Norway, make sure you spend a lot of money and come back soon”.

disOween068 (Medium)

First time going into the little church. Viking churches ROCK!

disOween069 (Medium) disOween070 (Medium)

This lady is on a mural in the Maelstrom ride. See mickey on her chest pocket? Hidden Mickey! Woo Hoo!

disOween072 (Medium)

Night comes to EPCOT Instead of staying for fireworks amoungst all the people and the drunks, we head slowly out.

disOween073 (Medium)

The ball closer… It’s really pretty at night. Lens too long, can’t get all of it…

disOween074 (Medium)

The fountain gets lit up too…

disOween075 (Medium)


Kaylee wouldn’t let me play with the camera too much, we had to go shopping instead. Had to do this pressed up against a light pole, so I could get a 1.5 second exposure.




disOween077 (Medium)


Ashlee and Sandi in their more natural environment. Disney wouldn’t be that costly without all the shopping available. Half our on-site budget turned out to be clothes and crap we bought.

But there it was, the food and wine festival. If you get a chance to go, it is fun.


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