Mickey’s Halloween Party

Along with my last post – this is a continuation. Again, if you aren’t into Disney (like crazy into it like some of my family) and you arne’t my relatives, this may be somewhat of a downer. Go back and read some of my old posts. I complain and bitch and put down people in those, they should be more entertaining if you followed me for those reasons.

disOween078 (Medium)

First of all – this is our shower. It was really well done, like Arial’s cave in The Little Mermaid. I can’t imagine having to order and print and assemble all the tiles in all the bathrooms. I guess they came as a kit, and I assume they were numbered on the back… Uno, Dos, Tres… you know?

disOween079 (Medium)

The day started at Downtown Disney, my least favorite place in the whole complex. Why?1. Parking. It’s a NIGHTMARE at the best of times, and otherwise it just plain sucks. People Figured out they can park there for free and take disney buses (which are supposed to be for resort guests only) free to the parks and hotel dining. So it’s a parking lot for the whole complex. 2. People. It’s always crowded, and you get some of the crowd that won’t go to the parks or can’t afford it or whatever, it’s always a little worse than inside the parks. 3. Lunch. There are lots of good options for lunch, but when you stand in line for 35 minutes for a sandwich, and meanwhile someone tries to hijack your table out from under your wife, it starts to wear on your patience.

disOween080 (Medium)

Then you see yet another “bridal shower party” or “birthday girl” with her entourage, and it makes you smile or laugh…

disOween081 (Medium)

I’m not sure I could do the tethered helium balloon ride. It seems a bit scary to me.

disOween082 (Medium)

So there is the World of Disney – the largest Disney Store in the United States. Stitch actually spits on you. Fun in Summer – not so much in fall or winter, or when your child just got made up inside. We started the day at the hotel, went swimming, and then came here to let Kaylee get made up for Halloween.

disOween083 (Medium)

Kaylee – pre-makeover. It’s LEGO store time. The biggest LEGO store outside of Californina…

disOween087 (Medium)

So we finally make it into the Party. After I got my ghost/zombie/whatever creepy costume on, and Kaylee got pop-diva’ed and we headed to the park. As usual we parked in our “secret spot” and rode over to the magic kingdom (we do NOT park in the transportation center, we have another spot we use but I don’t want it to get out, because if everyone does it, it will get crowded).

disOween088 (Medium)

The decorations were fun and festive, without being too scary. If you want good old scary stuff – go to universal. Mickey’s Not so Scary party is more a good old fashioned small town halloween than it is some giant haunted house.

disOween089 (Medium)

Main street – all in orange.

disOween090 (Medium)

Another statue that they have Octobered up.

disOween091 (Medium)

City Hall. I’m surprised ours hasn’t been decorated like this back home.

disOween092 (Medium)

Sandi with her new shirt. Originally Sandi, Fred and Ashlee weren’t dressing up at all. I guess they got in the mood.

disOween093 (Medium)

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I got a lot of crappy photos today. It’s what happens when you don’t play with your camera for a while, and suddenly go on vacation and try to take pics of stuff.

disOween094 (Medium)

Kaylee eating her ice cream. She had no wish to try to Dole Whip… which is like pineapple ice cream.

disOween095 (Medium) disOween096 (Medium) disOween097 (Medium)

By now it was getting close to 7pm, when the non-ticket holders had to leave the park. Disney did a very good job of getting rid of day ticket holders and leaving Party ticket holders alone. Without a Party wristband you couldn’t go on rides or in stores, you were funneled towards the front of the park. About the only choice you had was to sit down somewhere and not try to buy food. You could watch the parade, but that would be it.

disOween099 (Medium) disOween101 (Medium)

I can’t wait to see how the mine train ride looks when finished. We’ve been watching it’s construction since it was a hole in the ground.

disOween102 (Medium)disOween104 (Medium)

Fred and Ashlee enjoy riding the Little Mermaid ride…

disOween105 (Medium)

Wait, I think I saw this woman in the Dole Whip line earlier.

disOween106 (Medium)


The teacup ride may be for children, but it’s always great fun to spin yourself around until you’re sick.



disOween108 (Medium)

The castle at dusk. Interesting time between when it’s lit by the sun and they light it up artificially. It looks impressive from this vantage point.

disOween109 (Medium)disOween111 (Medium)


The parks always look good at night. The haunted mansion was really done up nicely for the event. I felt right at home in my ghost costume.





disOween113 (Medium) disOween114 (Medium)

Candy handouts at the Pinocchio Haus

disOween117 (Medium)

The seven dwaves, and dead guy hanging out with Minnie and a pop star…. It’s not often the dwarves come out all together, so the line for this was rather long.

disOween118 (Medium)

Beast’s castle was all lit up. I guess it usually is, but we aren’t often around this part at night, so it was nice to see. It is very small, they use “forced perspective” to make it seem larger, but it wasn’t really done that well.

disOween119 (Medium)

Cinderella’s Castle all lit up in villain-y colors.

disOween120 (Medium) disOween121 (Medium)


Downtown kept changing colors… Then it was time for the Boo To You halloween party parade. Special for haloween guests, it was pretty awesome. The music was upbeat and a little campy for what it was, but I think it helped keep from scaring all the little kids.





disOween123 (Medium)disOween125 (Medium) disOween126 (Medium)disOween128 (Medium)disOween130 (Medium) disOween131 (Medium) disOween132 (Medium)disOween134 (Medium) disOween135 (Medium) disOween136 (Medium) disOween137 (Medium)

The country bears look horrid. I guess this is how they normally look, but he looks like a zombie bear.

disOween138 (Medium) disOween139 (Medium) disOween140 (Medium) disOween141 (Medium)

After the parade was the “Villains Mix and Mingle”… After a little show, they came out to meet the crowd. It was fun to see characters you never get to see anywhere else.

disOween142 (Medium) disOween143 (Medium) disOween144 (Medium) disOween145 (Medium)

The evil queen from Snow White

disOween147 (Medium)

Maleficent and some lady trying to see her getting in my shot.

disOween148 (Medium)


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  1. LOVE the pics, only 1 or 2 were not good, the rest were fine! GLAD I got to see you in the pics , wanted to see more of your ghost/scarey/nonKKK costume hahaha. You did GREAT!!!!!!!

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