Careful what you wish for!



Some nut job is always screaming about “Bring God back into schools!”, and supposedly that will make everything better.

Of course, God isn’t kept out of school. Kids can pray to whoever they want to. There are even religious clubs. Teachers can pray to whoever They want to.

But it isn’t the government’s choice to decide who the kids pray to. And it shouldn’t be. People fled that kind of government-controlled choice in the 1600’s, in order to establish new colonies here in America where you could worship whoever you wanted to, or not go at all. Of course, if the Salem Witch Trials were any example, they didn’t flee Far Enough, and some of the same puritanical Church Nazis the colonists were fleeing, followed them over here.

So if you truly want prayer in School – keep asking for it. Push your congressmen to force “God” back into public education. And sure enough, because this is the nation of “Holy Shit we can’t ever OFFEND anyone!” and “Every choice must always be equally represented” – sooner or later all the kids will be bowing to Mecca during a week, praising Odin the next (Odin could use a bit more praising, in my opinion), and dancing around pentagrams the next, and then comes the reading of entrails during “voodoo week”.

Yeah, so how’s that “religion in school” working out for you now?



Author: theosus1

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