I’m insane

So – I have Insanity.

No – I’m not crazy (or ‘a nutter’) for my British friends.

I got a nasty comment today, probably from a dance mom. She commented on “Dance Moms 3”, asking why I’m so full of hate. I’m not full of hate. I’m cynical and speak my mind, but hate is going a little far… My post was probably colored by having spent three weeks at dance competitions dealing with the same kind of idiots, but I don’t hate them. We lose a lot of humor without voice inflections… Her other complaint was my spoof of “Butterfly Kisses”. I’m not sorry about that one. I hate the song… After all, it’s a country song. I deleted the comment, it was not the kid of thing that belongs here.

But I’m talking about a different kind of insanity, not blog readers with a chip on their shoulder.

I bought the “Insanity” workout DVD set. OF course, I bought them used, from a friend of mine, for a fraction of the cost. Seriously, they wanted three hundred dollars for the set, now THAT is insane. I can get the whole Harry Potter series for like fifty bucks now, and it wasn’t filmed in a dirty old high school gym. There’s not a single special effect in the Insanity workout (although I strongly suspect some surgical enhancements have occurred with some of the people working out).

First of all, I unpack the discs, of which there are about eight. Then I pull out the instructions. It’s a simple weekly chart of which discs to watch when. I understand there is a lot more to the whole package, including a food chart, some posters, sweat bands, and all that jazz. But since I got the set for $25, I can’t complain. It runs on a Monday-Saturday schedule, and you rest on Sunday.

So Monday I took the “fit test”. No one told me I had to write numbers down. There are eight exercises you are supposed to follow along with, after the “warm up” period. The warm up about did me in. Then he starts talking about the “Fit Test” starting. I’m thinking, what exactly have I been doing for fifteen minutes.

I think the video series is an attempt to give overweight people heart attacks, not make anyone fit.

Tuesday I was out late (for me, being out late is any time after 8pm) and didn’t have time to complete the second disc. So, Wednesday I fired up the “Cardio” routine, per the chart. Insanity is right. This guy had me jumping in the air, doing strange pushups, jogging while kicking myself in the ass with my own heels, and otherwise causing myself pain.

I like the leg exercises. After all this hiking and walking the treadmill, I can do leg stuff. I just have no body strength above the waist. After ten minutes, my Ab was sore. Some people have abs, I just have the one Ab. Needless to say, by the time my daughter called about twenty minutes into the thing, I was done. I’m hoping I get through all eight weeks of this without dumping the discs in the trash. I think it will be a big help in me not being a wheezing slob on the hiking trails, but we shall see.


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