The Saga Continues

Well, in the continuing saga of Me vs. Honda, I had one last gasp.

They were nice enough to fix their faulty air conditioning design for me. However, during their fix, they somehow created a leak inside the car.

Under the dash somewhere back in all the mess is part of the A/C system. It’s cold, and much like your ice tea glass on the counter, water condenses on the outside of it. This water is typically collected in a plastic drain pan of sorts, and is routed outside through a hose, which is why on warm humid summer days it may look like your radiator is leaking in your garage, when it’s just A/C water.

During their repairs, the Honda people somehow caused this drain thing to leak, so the water wound up on the floor. A slow drip, over time, can create quite a mess. And so we found on the way home from Disney world.

On Wednesday when we picked the car up, it was cold. Thursday was also mildly cool, not requiring much use of the A/C system. Still, by the time we reached Florida, it was warm enough. Upon reaching Disney World, my wife remarked that her bag was damp. We didn’t think much of it, because it was wet outside, and it could have hit the ground.

The next morning, while going to Mickey’s house, we noticed a faint moldy/musty smell, like someone left a garbage bag in the car too long before heading to the dump. It was disagreeable but not awful. By now it was warmer, and we were running the A/C regularly. By Sunday morning it was truly awful, like riding in the back of a garbage truck. She happened to feel water drop on her foot, or see it drip on the floor. I poked around under the dash at Cracker Barrel, and found where it was coming from. I had hoped they only forgot to plug the hose back in. Nope.

So the car had to go back. They fixed the leak, and told me to “let the floor dry out.” Easy for you to say when you’re not riding in a car that smells like the garbage can in the back of Foot Locker. We took to calling the car the CR-Feet, instead of CR-V.

I took out the cloth floor-mat, which really reeked, and tried to dry out the floor board, which is kind of a spongy carpeting. It still holds a lot of water. Now I’m leaving it in the sun with some sort of “dampness absorbing” thing I got from Lowes. It has a flower fresh scent, reminiscent of when someone takes a bad dump, and sprays the bathroom down with apple-scented spray. Then it just smells like someone pooped in an apple orchard. Same effect.

So, thank you Honda, for making a bad situation worse. I guess it could have been even worse. It could have been a Ford.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

One thought on “The Saga Continues”

  1. Crappy ppl! Go to Walmart and get this stuff called Kids n Pets, a cheap spray, over in the pets area. Spray the foot mats front and back, really soak them. It will fix them up. Spray the car too. It is FABULOUS. It gets rid of male cat odor INSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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