the Roll Cooker 4000

One thing I really suck at when I’m hiking is coming up with acceptable meals. Cooking is hard enough, and even more so when I’m restricted to noodles in a sack, or some other type of pasta. Noodles get old after a few trips. There should be more to look forward to. Plus, there’s none of the great sides often accompanying noodles. Bread, for one. Sure, you can lug a couple of slices of Merita into the woods, but rolls? What about warm buttery rolls.
Enter the Roll-Coker 4000 system. I thought and experimented for a week or two, and came up finally with something resembling a model of a home oven. Basically it transforms a backpacking mug into a stove with two little wires. You can see it in action
The camera cut off before I could get everything, but it works really well. You just have to be careful not to burn fingers when removing the bread item, but in about seven minutes it creates a browned, crusty, piping hot roll, just like you would have at home out of the oven. And it’s simple enough anyone with some wire and pliers can make it in about five minutes.
It’s reason enough to dump that silly cat food can stove…

Author: theosus1

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