Honda’s Troubles with me…

In a previous post I informed you all that my car had puked up its evaporator coil.

Well, I wrote a letter to Honda America in California, and faxed it off to them. I was rather pleased when I actually got a phone call from them. I let them know in an unequivocal manner how upset I was with the quality of their vehicle.

To make a long blog post short, Honda never admitted fault, but agreed to repair my car for $300, instead of the 1250$ it was supposed to cost me.

While I’m still not happy with the quality of parts included in my car, and the general state of their air conditioning unit in general, I was very happy with their quick response. I know in the future I will look a lot harder at a car’s warranty when picking out a particular model. Instead of going for brand loyalty, I want to make sure that any problems will be taken care of. I’ll be looking at Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and maybe a different model of Honda, but not another CRV. They kind of disappointed me on this one.

That is, of course, provided the North Koreans haven’t started world war three before then. It’s hard to drive a car after a nuke’s EMP has destroyed all that computer stuff.


Author: theosus1

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