Happy Internet Birthday to me!

Today is my Internet Birthday. If you didn’t know that, either I won’t friend you on facebook, I have deleted you, or you have an fear of getting involved with it. My friends on facebook have been wishing me happy birthday for two days. I applaud their concern and thank them for that, but many people don’t understand the reasoning behind it, or even know what an internet birthday is.

Your internet birthday is your fake birthday you use for the internet. Simple enough. Why would you do this?

Well, your birthday is one of a few things someone needs to steal your identity, get credit in your name, steal your house, and get murdered in their sleep when you catch them doing the first two things. Giving this information to any random website for “security” just doesn’t make any sense. Ostensibly, if you forget your password, they can ask you for your birthday or something, and you can tell them, so they know it’s you. I’m not sure I used ostensibly right, just then, but I like the word and I’m not going back to check it on google.

So, the smart thing to do is to make up a birthday you can remember and use every time you come to a website that pesters you for this (Same with mother’s maiden name. If you aren’t applying for credit, why would you just give that out?). So – just pick a day and use your same year. April 1 works for me. You could just as easily use Flag Day, Armistice Day, the Marine Birthday, or Caesar Chavez day (like google!).

By the way – you can do this with social security numbers too. Lots of people that have no business knowing that ask for it, doctors and dentists and hospitals are big on it. They only do it so if you don’t pay they can report you to collection agencies. So – make one up for that too, unless you are on medicare. Just switch the last two numbers.

So, My internet birthday was today. I’m going to celebrate by eating some cinnamon rolls.


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

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