The Great Ski Trip – 2013

Formerly known as the Great Kaylee Ski Trip – the name has been changed to reflect the fact that we all went.

Videos are available Here

First of all, being flatlanders from the south, the idea of driving through snow did not have its appeal. Sliding down it on two sticks, yes; sliding on it on four rubber wheels, no. The trip had been postponed twice due to terrible snowstorms and illness. It was getting to be “ski or bust” time in the south. Around here, you go betwene Martin Luther King day, and President’s Day, or risk not going at all. A sudden warming thanks in part to that bastard Punxsutawney Phil, and you’re staring at a muddy hill instead of a ski slope. It almost happened last year. 2012 was the year without a winter.

However, this year we were treated to a rare event. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but we had snow. Yes, Snow in the midlands of South Carolina. It happened to coincide with our leaving to go to West Virginia, and it snowed on and off the entire trip.

DSCN1503 (Medium)The first sign of snow was barely fifteen miles from the house, at a gas station.

DSCN1508 (Medium)By the time we were close to Lancaster, SC some yards were covered. I was hoping the county’s salt truck was working.

DSCN1509 (Medium)But – as we approached Virginia it was clear the snowy places were localized. Some had a lot of snow, while down the road a few miles there was nothing.

DSCN1512 (Medium)I try and get a picture of this house every year, just a few miles south of the NC/VA border on I-77. My daughter took a great picture of it on her first trip, purely by random chance. She took 300 blurry pictures, but this house turned out great.

DSCN1516 (Medium)Getting close to West Virginia, the landscape got whiter, and taller.

DSCN1518 (Medium)Very imposing ridge… with SNOW! This made me very hopeful, as of course, last year there was no snow anywhere. Take that, global warming believers!

DSCN1519 (Medium)Our hotel. It’s 12 degrees, and there’s 2-3 inches of snow on stuff. Oh yeah, and I have to drive 20 miles to the ski place.

DSCN1521 (Medium)We made it just fine, and after sending Kaylee and Angie off to Ski School, I tried to remember how to turn left, right, and get on the chair lift.

DSCN1522 (Medium)The Chair Lift. Not for the faint of heart.

DSCN1524 (Medium)Kaylee enjoyed her lesson. She’s the one in the porcupine pink spike hat.

DSCN1525 (Medium)I wouldn’t say Angie “enjoyed” her lesson. There were some technical difficulties, and the boots hurt her shins a lot.

DSCN1528 (Medium)And the people back home were in awe over their two inches of snow. Hahahaha. DSCN1532 (Medium)Snow Tubing was a new experience for all of us this year. It was a lot of fun, despite Kaylee thinking it was going to be boring and suck. We all took several turns down the slope.

DSCN1533 (Medium)Angie is ready for her tubing ride.

DSCN1534 (Medium)Kaylee wrestles her tube into position.

All in all it was a great way to spend a weekend. It amazes me how fast you can get up the interstate, whereas all the damn back roads I take hiking are a lot closer, yet take just as long to drive. Angie decided that 18 years was not quite enough time between getting on Skis, while tubing was fun. Kaylee didn’t do quite as well this year, due to her sudden dependance on poles. The snow was also “too fresh”. Last year it has been pounded into a flat, even surface. This snow was so new, and our rental skis not in great shape, that we found it hard to slide on some surfaces. In fact, Angie was sent back to the rental shop for a re-waxing. It didn’t really help, however.

I did recall this from my youth, however, and it was a true today as it was then. Sliding down a hill at 20 miles per hour on anything is brutal-ass cold when it is below twenty degrees outside, and snow is blowing around.


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