The futility of voting…

Every four years, we as Americans get to exercise one of the most fundamental rights that the title “American” bestows upon us. We get to make an individual choice as to who will be our leader. We get to make a real choice, not some rigged “election” where you write the correct person’s name on the ballot or they shoot you, or where there’s only one person’s name to begin with.
It is a good feeling to be able to choose your own leaders and representatives. Well, if the choice actually counted for anything, it might even feel better.

For example:
My county always votes Democrat. Not that there is anything good or bad about that. It is just the way it is. So – if several people want to run for office, they all have to run on the Democrat side of the ticket. Whoever is going to win the election is decided in the primary. Congressmen, Sheriff, House Member, whatever, they all run democrat, because there is no chance they will win running as republican.

My State always votes Republican, at least for President, and usually Governor. Again, not that there is anything good or bad about that, it is just how it works. So if you vote Democrat, your vote for President doesn’t count, because the President goes by Electoral votes, not the popular vote. If you vote Republican, you almost don’t need to show up, after all, it’s likely your candidate didn’t even come visit the state, because he knows he is going to win.

So, most of my choices have already been made. Much like some third world dictatorship. Politicians at the county level have been picked in the primaries, and politicians at the state and federal level will win by default, no matter how I vote.

Of course, there’s always the choice to vote for an Independent – which is the equivalent of throwing your ballot in the trash can. You might as well stay home and watch MTV, or worse, Fox News. It is a holiday, after all, maybe I’ll go for a hike.


Author: theosus1

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