Sky Top Orchard – or, Angie’s Apple Adventure

At the orchard

Well…On Sunday, October 21 We took part in the annual tradition of Angie’s Apple Adventure. I colloquially call it the “Hundred Dollar Sack Of Apples” trip, because with gas and dinner that’s what it runs, but it’s really worth it. What else can you do as a family and have such fun?

So we left the house and drove to Flat Rock, North Carolina. We first had lunch at the Flat Rock Village Bakery. Excellent place, but the counter girls are always kind of snooty. You would think young women that take orders in that place would be friendly and cheerful, but it’s more like being in a French bakery as an American. But the food is worth putting up with them. I’m really surprised it is even open on Sunday. My flat-land town rolls up the sidewalks and bars the doors on Sunday, but this little mountain town throws caution to the wind and *gasp* actually does Business on the Sun’s Day! I’m happy. After stuffing ourselves with sandwiches and pizza, we headed up to Sky Top Orchards. I’ve been there on days where the lot was full and people were parking down the mountain road. This was not one of those days. We got inside, and the friendly migrant workers got us parked.

First stop, the doughnut line. It’s always long on Saturday, but today wasn’t that bad. They make doughnuts from apple cider, which taste really good. People will stand in line for two hours for these things. We waited about seven minutes.

Time to make the doughnuts!
the waiting, is the hardest part.

Doughnuts in the car, off to the orchards. Sky Top is a you-pick place. Sure, you can buy from the stand, but the you-pick option is where the fun is. Of course, this late in the season, a lot of people have had their fun, and we had to walk to the back of the orchard. Thankfully it’s all downhill.

the orchards

The back is way down the hill. That’s good, right?

So we filled our rolling cooler with apples, slowly but surely. I haven’t climbed a tree in a long time, but to get the apples this late in the season it was necessary.

Better than lugging a basket.
Arkansas Blacks! Mmmmmm tasty.

So we all tried our hands at picking apples, and eventually got enough fruit to call it a day. The little rolling cooler wasn’t the best for this trip, it tended to wobble all over, but it still beat lugging a basket full of apples up the hill.

Kaylee enjoyed picking her apples. But soon it was time to head to the barn and get checked out.

back up the hill
Angie gets tired
Time to rest


Leaving the orchard

Our next stop was downtown Hendersonville, at the Mast General Store. Sure, there’s one in Columbia, but this one is fun too. They have all kinds of neat hiking stuff in there. I got some food for my upcoming trip, because frankly I’m tired of the Wal-Mart Coleman meals.


Then it was up to near Asheville on I-26 to a small portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. An accident and bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way up had everyone’s spirits a bit diminished, but the parkway was so pretty it helped liven the group up again.

On the parkway!
Kaylee at the “Ladybug Breeding Grounds”

The above picture was taken at an overlook with thousands of ladybugs flying around. They got on everything and coated everyone. Normally ladybugs are sort of fun, but not when the air is thick with them and they land on you by the dozens.

The parkway south of Asheville


Angie poses on the parkway at an overlook.


An overlook near Pisgah… BRP in the fall is pretty. 

So, we drove through a couple of tunnels, and came out nearer to Mount Pisgah than Asheville, but didn’t get as far as I had hoped. Because of our traffic delays, it was time to head home. We turned around and headed down the way we had come, and got stuck in a second accident on the way south on 26. Thankfully a stop at the Olive Garden in Spartanburg was enough to refuel us and get us home before it was too late.

Now we have apples to eat. I’m saving seeds and hope I can grow some trees in the spring. I’m doubtful, otherwise there would be apple farms here instead of peach farms, but one can try.




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One thought on “Sky Top Orchard – or, Angie’s Apple Adventure”

  1. Sounds like a GRAND DAY!!!!!!!! WAiting for the pics to come up. Glad it was fun! Black apples look awesome!!!!!!!!!! Never have seen them.

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