Fond memories

I was listening to this tune last night, and watching the outstanding landscape video…

Simon OShine Video

Maybe you dont like the drums, but about two minutes in the drums fall off and the music and scenery together are achingly beautiful. If you have firefox, install the YouTube video downloader and grab the HD version for your PC. Just…WOW!

The amazing scenes reminded me of a few things that didn’t make it into my other hiking blog posts.

One was the bats. If you’ve never hiked in the woods in the fall by night, using a headlamp for light, you’re missing a real treat. First of all, the lights attract the bugs, just like your porch lights or headlights do. The bugs attract bats. You’ve never experienced a bat eating a bug quite like when the bat swoops into your narrow field of light, two feet from your head, and snatches a bug out of midair before disappearing into the darkness again. It adds a whole new dimension of terror to walking along in a dark forest at night.

But there are good things too. When one of your group has a great singing voice and bursts into song as the slightest provocation, singing a bar or two and stopping before it gets to be too much, that can be nice. It’s even nicer when it is a song everyone knows. Several of us stopped at an intersection to wait on a few others, and someone mentioned the song “500 miles” by The Proclaimers. Another hiker, not knowing the song, prompted five of us to belt out the chorus together, including the “da da da-da dah”s. And hearing a woman sing the “Brave, Brave Sir Robin” song and other collected Monty Python works was quite funny, Monty Python’s Flying Circus being sort of a “man thing” like the Three Stooges.

I was recently accused on Facebook of being “Always Negative”. I do post a lot of cynical things, simply because that’s my expression of humor. I am brash and straightforward, and an undying realist. But some of my funny attempts sometimes get lost in translation. Sixty percent of what we humans say to each other is non-verbal, which is hard to communicate on Facebook.

Tell your dog, in a sweet voice, that you hate him and are going to put him to sleep. He will come running and show affection. Then yell at him that you love him, in your most angry threatening voice. He’ll run for the hills. Facebook is sort of the same way. Humor gets lost without the subtle voice inflections, facial expressions, and body language. The same can happen on here, which is my more filtered, “sanitized for your protection” outlet. Humor can often be misconstrued as anger or disappointment.

Before deleting the person that called me negative (for my profile says; if I offend you with my postings, please inform me as soon as possible so I can delete you), I let them know that if they think I’m always negative, they must not read all my posts. I may whine and complain and be cynical about things, but that’s only because that’s what interests people, and people can relate to the crappy stuff that happens in their own lives. Look at Eminem. He sells record after record about how he had a crappy childhood in Detroit and knocked up some skank and how awful it was that his mom was a crack whore. He sounds so angry, but no one would buy his stuff if he suddenly sounded happy, talked about how rich he has become and about how he lives a posh, superstar lifestyle. That is boring and dull, or worse, uppity. In his gruff voice, it would come across as, “look what I have and you don’t, you filthy, pathetic, poor scum! Go buy my CD’s, I need another G6.”

But in my backpacking stories, all the cynicism and complaints about bee stings and being cold, there are some really outstanding moments, some almost tearful occasions of beauty and serenity that make the hard stuff all worth it. Indeed, you don’t have to go into the backside of nowhere to find those moments. It doesn’t hurt to go anyway.

And if my cynicism offends you at some point…you have been warned.


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