Enjoying the spam

I really have nothing much to say tonight. I’m trying my hand at time lapse photography again. I did it before, but the thing about time lapse photography is that, in essence, it takes a long damn time to know if you got anything good. Plus, there’s only so much I can take pictures of from my front and back yards. Trees and stars get old rather quickly. Planes do leave cool trails across the empty vastness of space, however.

So I was going through my spam folder deleting crap, when I started really looking into some of it. It is actually pretty funny stuff. Most of it is just advertising one product or another, of course, that is what spam is. Ninety percent of it is simply something like, “Enjoyed your post!” often in some sort of broken English.

“I am being enjoy your postings” is not proper English. Neither is “This is stuff for good, I like your blog to read.”
I’m starting to think the people who write spam emails are the same ones that claim to have thirty million dollars to send to me, as soon as I give them my name, social security number, and bank information. Seriously, does this still fool people? Haven’t all the gullible people been conned already?

Among the “I like your stuffs” messages are the longer more rambling messages, vaguely alluding to something they liked but not quite getting to the point. If you are a college professor or student you know the paragraphs I am talking about, the kind that talk all around the test question without ever really answering it. Also the same type of answer you may give your girlfriend when she asks you “what do you think of my sister?” You don’t want to say you don’t like her, because she may be really close, but if you express too much fondness for her, your girl may think you want her sister instead, when all you really want to do is get her alone somewhere to make out. And hopefully she’ll bring her sister into it later…

I was discovered recently by foreign spammers. Liste De Email or some crap sends me 10 or 12 messages a DAY. At least they could look at my pages and bump my stats, but NO, they just send me messages.

But today I hit the big time. The ‘adult’ ads. You know you really have someone’s attention when you are getting spam emails with ads for porn companies attached. I haven’t tried approving any of it, but I guess if I approve their comments, you see the ad for their services.

I’m sorry Georgia Jones, you may be the “prettiest brunette you’ll ever find on the internet”, but I don’t need your naked butt splattered across the bottom of my post about how to get the most mileage of my home made Cat food stove.

But at least she “Likes my postes on many varied topics I find interesting”.


Author: theosus1

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