Two Apple Adventures, one involving The Hunger Games

Recently we had some time to kill in Greenville, and returned to Sky Top Orchards. Really, they should pay me for this, it’s like free advertising for the twelve or so people who might read it. Either way, it was fun, but not as much as usual.

First of all, the apples we are used to picking were not yet available. The Arkansas Black ones being right up there at the top. We like the Granny Smiths, but honestly, you can get those at Wal-Mart year round, in all their genetically enhanced, cloned perfection. Why trust nature to do it on her own?

Second, it was warm. Sky top feels right when it is cold, the colder the better. Long sleeves should be mandatory, and coats optional. When you’re sweating picking apples, that’s more like being a migrant worker than having a fun afternoon. Add in the bees…

This time of year you have to worry about the bees. They are everywhere. Lots of apples drop off the trees and rot. Some of the apples ON the trees rot, or are damaged, and the bees come for them. Bees will even chew a hole in the apples and go down inside, eating the fruit. The insects make apple picking interesting and tough, when you have to watch what to pick and where you step. It does add an exciting element into the whole orchard experience though.

Thankfully, though, the summer did one great thing. It severely reduced the crowds. Or mayb eit was because it was Sunday. Strange to find the place open on Sunday. I would have thought such a rustic mountain area would have the same Church-Nazi laws that force Wal-Mart to put the rope across the pharmacy section until 1pm. I was pleased they were open at all. Add to it, they had the apple cider doughnuts that people line up for hours to get. There was no line, and we finally tried the doughnuts. They are worth a wait. I don’t know about an hour wait, but they were worth a wait. Tasty apples and cinnamon and sugar all wrapped up in a doughnut! All in all a good way to kill a few extra hours while in the upstate.

In other news, I bought the Hunger Games movie like most everyone else. If you haven’t seen it, what the Hell is wrong with you? A future world where the rich elite demand the poor and downtrodden to chose a kid to sacrifice in what could be known as the Olympic Games from Hell, what’s not to like? Especially in the later books where the poor and downtrodden rally together to kill the rich elite…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So I bought the movie, and was intrigued with the “digital copy” thing. I get home, open the box, and there are instructions how to get my own ipad/iPhone version of the thing through iTunes, so I can download the film and watch it anywhere. Go to the website, enter the code, and it’s supposed to download into iTunes so I can watch it on any of my Apple things.

Emphasis on “Supposed to”. For some reason, I get the “error -50” message from itunes, which seems to indicate that my network is not connected. It will download the directors comments and other junk fine, just the real movie? Nope. So I’ve beat my head on the desk trying to get this digital copy thing to work, all for naught.

I’m going to have to get my digital copy the way I have been doing for years, using AnyDVD and WonderFox. Screw iTunes and special codes. Besides, it said it was going to take two hours just to download. In two hours I can do it myself.





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