Team Trivia Time


Sitting in the Mellow Mushroom waiting on the trivia guy to arrive, I’m struck by the variety of people here to play.

There’s the “we have to bring the whole neighborhood” team. Seriously, they bring twenty people, and divide into teams based on who knows which categories the best, and take up several tables. That’s way too much organization for a glorified bar game. It strikes me a bit as cheating, but who knows, maybe it’s just organization. Like the mob. They were organized too.

Speaking of cheating, there’s Team Google to consider. They sit outside on the patio alone, and consistently come in thirty seconds after the question is read. Google is not supposed to be your team mate. Either they are throwing a few questions or they are relying too much on Florence’s crappy bandwidth, because they always miss one or two questions, but are almost always in the top three.

The drunken bar sluts. That should be a team name. Those are the people to whom trivia is an excuse to hang out in a bar for three hours. By the end of the night, all pretense of playing the game is over. The goal is to answer the question quickly, and run it up to the Emcee, and proceed to flirt with him until the song is over. When you’ve given up on being discreet, and just put your straw into the pitcher of beer, it’s time to rethink your Tuesday night entertainment.

The loud obnoxious college buddy drunks. These are the people in the group that just doesn’t give a damn. They talk loudly because their repertoire of college stories is incredibly humorous and interesting, and everyone in the bar needs to hear them. Damn this questions and answers thing going on around them, they’ve got memories to relive! They may answer a question or two, but they’re always gone by the end of the game. I like it when they leave early, at least they’ll be home or wrapped around a phone pole before we leave the restaurant.

The restless smokers. Often confused with Team Google, they have to smoke. They are so good at managing their addiction, they can answer a question, rush outside and inhale a cigarette before the time period is up. They come back by reeking of smoke, and perhaps even blowing out that last breath of toxic gas while bumping into your seat, on their way back to the table yet again.

The birthday/pregnancy announcing/anniversary/reunion group. These are the people that have a core group playing the game. The two or three of them are there on time, set up for the game, and greet new arrivals every ten minutes or so with a chorus of whoops and giggles and ‘heyyyyy’s that interfere with the pleasant jeopardy-like silence that revolves around trivia just after the question is asked.

So, that’s my take on trivia groups. We were a little disheartened after last nights game. I like trivia when we go to places where it’s not the SAME group there all the time. Playing against the same people, with rather predictable results, can get old. Maybe we need to find somewhere new…


Author: theosus1

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