Delicate sound of thunder

A little summer thunderstorm…

With apologies to Pink Floyd. Nix that…they made enough money, I’ll use their album title just to get Google hits if I damn well please.

Yesterday I was witness to some Hella-cool thunderstorms. It all started when I was on an out-of-town trip, about thirty miles away. the iPhone, in its infinite wisdom, began warning me every few minutes about severe thunderstorms in my home town. It worried me, and I headed that way. At first the storms didn’t look too bad. As I got closer, the sky darkened and lightning flashed in the sky like paparazzi at the latest whore-of-the-month club member sighting (Kim or Chloe…either will do).

It was black-dark, I’m talking Oaklahoma Storm Chaser nasty dark, and it was only 5 in the afternoon. The car was rockin’ (and not in the good way) and we were being pelted with rain. My wife got upset, and we pulled off the side of the road to wait some of it out. I checked the radar and discovered that the worst was headed RIGHT FOR US, and that we really needed to move, despite the bad weather. Several things blew across the road, including a small tent at the racetrack. Right over the fence… you know the small instant-up tents used by Beach Contractor types when they set up for the day.

Of course, there were the normal idiots driving their Ford Subdivisions, ten miles over the limit like nothing was wrong. How about spreading out a little, people? Why the need to bunch up? You are not safer in groups. This was evidenced when we passed a field, and a huge cloud of dust was roiling and churning towards the road. I had a “twister” flashback and thought we were about to be sucked into OZ. It so happened that it was NOT a tornado, just a wall of dust (moving straight, not in a circle), and we passed it before it hopped the road.

Going through town to home was no better. MY town sports some hundreds-year-old trees, and every now and then one like to drop a limb on the road, and I was scared I might happen to be in the landing zone at the time. The storm had partially abated by the time I got near home, and I was able to laugh at the neighbors’ trampolines. Both of them had been tossed a couple hundred yards across the manicured lawns into the pine woods. Pine trees can do some nasty things to trampolines.

The power was out. I hate it when the power goes out. I drag out the generator and stretch extension cords everywhere. It sucks that only one TV works, and the fridge. I can’t run the desktop, but I can run the wi-fi. So while we could play on the iPad and watch netflix, I couldn’t play WarCraft or anything like that. It also got a little warm by nightfall, even with the windows open it was up to 80 degrees. I need a small box fan instead of the monster fan I have, which weighs 70 pounds and has a dryer-sized motor driving steel blades. I inherited it from somewhere…I don’t remember where. It fits a window but draws too much power with the fridge, TV, and two lamps running, oh and the wi-fi router and ipad charger. I hate power outages, there’s too much math:

Fridge at 120volts x 6 amps = 720 watts… subtract from 3750 and I have 3030 to spare… add two light bulbs at 60 watts each, plus the TV, who knows what that uses? Grrr.

At least the power was back on by midnight.


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