Cooking on a…wait, what?

Yes, you can cook on a stove made from a cat food can.

Well, you can at least boil water, which for me is as high-tech as backpacking cooking is. Boil the water and add it to something like: grits, oatmeal, dehydrated food, cappuccino, etc.

So after buying $5 worth of stuff (two cans of Fancy Feast, a hole puncher, and bottle of HEET), I turned out two stoves in ten minutes. One has a few too many holes, so the original stove with two rows of 16 holes seems to work best.

For camping, you don’t have to take the whole bottle. an ounce per meal in a little squirt bottle should do it.

The video is here:

My cat food cooking

Oh, and if you try to make your own, buy the beef flavor. Pop the top and dump the “food” right in the dispose-all. It won’t smell too bad. The chicken flavor REEKS. The beef one rinses away pretty clean without much smell. There are plenty of videos out the on how to make these things, I’m not going to re-tell how to make the wheel.


Author: theosus1

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