On the trail

Wow…. It’s been a week or two. I have neglected my audience. I apologize profusely to both of you.

Any way, first off, the celebration of Rabbit Day. It’s that time of year when the parents of juvenile primates hide the eggs of feathered dinosaurs, all because two thousand years ago Jesus’ pet rabbit mysteriously laid an egg, or something like that. Even though my child finally discovered that both the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are both just threats to get kids to behave during certain times of the year, she still enjoys the egg hunt and hide. And honestly, who doesn’t like a good egg hunt? ONE good egg hunt. Not three or four… It’s a lot of work and the Mosquitos eat you. Unfortunately, grandma’s house doesn’t have many good hiding places, so when you hide fifty eggs, some of them wind up on top of the car tire.
An aside: we dye eggs, real ones. We HIDE plastic eggs, empty. Because nothing is quite as much fun as misplacing a real egg and finding it three months later, or having the ants beat you to the Hershey’s kisses.
Also, thankfully, Grandma takes care of the whole religious experience. That means I don’t find myself having to go to church, even on Easter and Christmas, which is expected of even the most heathen worshippers. As a lapsed Methodist, I was able to go commune with the divine by taking in the wonder he prepared for us, and walked a mile or so around the wildlife refuge near the house. Put on your Easter suit and sit in a building if you want, if I want to talk to a higher power I’ll go outside.
So, Rabbit Day being what it was, a good time was had by all. I was able to sneak a handful of Gummy Worms and a chocolate bar from the Easter basket, and that made me happy.

In other news, I went to a hiking meeting with some people from a meetup group. Meetup.com is a really interesting web site. The goal of the thing is to get people to use the Internet to get off the Internet. You can search about anything you like, and then go meet people who are interested in it, too. Trade books, have a beading party, go canoeing, birdwatching, shoot guns, race cars, or in my case, hike and such.
So I joined a group last month and they told me, “come to our class so you don’t go off in the woods and die”. It sounds perfectly reasonable. So I took my backpack and all its crap to the library meeting room. I was actually quite worried about that. Don’t libraries usually freak out and think people are going to steal books? I could quite literally stick a toddler in my pack, much less a few books.
But they were okay with it, kudos to the Richland County library.

Anyway, I called the man who quite ironically shares my first name and asked where they are, since the meeting area was empty. And evidently I missed the others going in, because now there are four others inside. By the time the class starts, 8 of 12 are there. We were presented with tips and hints and a good explanation of what we should and shouldn’t bring on the group expedition that will take place shortly. Three of the people in the class were experienced, then there was me with my stuff and no experience, and the young couple from my table with no stuff and no experience. So the group was quite varied. I have all my stuff, I just need to play around with organization and put together a few things around the house. Like benadryl. After you hike for miles, the last thing you want to do is lie awake while the a-hole in the next tent snores all night. So take two benadryl, and see you in the morning.
Also, we learned how to poop in the woods. It’s an amazing thing, really. To do what most animals do naturally. There are quite a few steps to take when you “walk the brown-blazed trail”. After all, no one wants the trail name “skid mark”.

The following day I was able to go on my 4 mile hike down golf course road. It was long enough, but flat. I have some treadmilling to get in before our big trip in a few weeks. We get to put our classroom stuff into practice. Hopefully I won’t make a complete doofus of myself.



Wife dyed Easter eggs using Kool Aid this year. Pretty awesome, no vinegar needed. Score one for “Pinterest”.


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  1. HEY, LOVE the koolaid idea. Glad it worked! And, nice pic and one of your readers enjoyed the blog as usual! I rather be outside too.

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