Here comes the sun (do do-do-do)

One of the best places to eat in Pensacola Beach is Peg Leg Pete’s. Unless you want to wait you have to get there Early! They have a drink, the Shipwreck, that is a also a good reason to make sure you are within walking distance of the place when you leave.




I’ve never been disappointed at Peg Leg’s. Great food, open air dining if you wish, live music and good food. If you find yourself around Pensacola, it’s the place to go.


Unfortunately, it rained today. Actually it rained last night. It rained terribly last night. Dallas evidently was hit by some tornados, and I was worried we were in for some, ourselves. It rained and clattered against the windows and howled through gaps in the doors. That’s one nice thing about being in a big ass building that’s built to hurricane standards. A little thunderstorm and small tornado, I’m not worried about.

Now a big ass tornado, still would suck.


Thankfully the Sun came out in the afternoon, and we took the long drive to the Tanger Outlet in Foley, Alabama. Normally I look forward to an outlet mall trip like a second circumcision. Shopping for clothes is not my favorite activity. However, they have a NorthFace/Columbia store, and I was able to find a good shirt and shirts to hike in. I also got some sports socks at the TJ Maxx, and they have a self serve yogurt place, so my patience and time spent sitting on benches outside stores was well rewarded.

A few observations:
Spandex yoga pants are not a right. They are a privilege. If you want to wear them, please have the body to go with them. You should look like a yoga instructor. If not, wear a top that covers your waist/butt/thighs.

Daisy Dukes are evidently a big thing now. If you wear shorts that are very low riding, or very high legged, please stop pulling them up or down. You chose to wear shorts like that, stop fidgeting with them. And cut the pockets off, they look stupid hanging over the front of your thighs.

Don’t park like an asshole. If you drive the big boat car, learn where the hood ends, so you don’t stick over into the next spot, or worse, be against the opposite car (mine).

On the way back to Pensacola, We were able to stop at the Florida welcome center. We were five minutes late, and the doors were locked up. I was a bit upset I didn’t get my free Orange Juice, but I did get to see a great Blue Angels sculpture.




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