Time keeps on tickin, tickin, tickin…

So after seeing a few good examples of time lapse photography on Vimeo.com, I decided to try my hand at it. Unfortunately I dont have access to Yosemite or the Space Station, so I had to use something I could get to quickly and not have to drive very far. My back yard. And sometimes my front yard.

I tried several different times, each time something a little different, and I have to say I am learning, but I’m still not completely pleased with my results. For one thing, my stuff isn’t as clear as I hoped. It could be me, or the fact Im not using $1200 L-series lenses, but it’s probably more me. It could also be the nasty pollen haze and the light pollution in my area. I need to find somewhere uber-dark where there is little light and no cars driving by every thirty seconds.

I think some of it could be Adobe premiere, which is what I’m putting these together with. It lets you drag pictures together into a single set, and specify really quickly how long to display each image. For most of this, it was at one frame per picture (at thirty frames/second), but some of them were moving so fast I had to drop back to 2 frames per picture.

Its been fun so far, but I still have a lot of learning to go. So here’s my first attempt.

My time lapse test

You may have wondered why I switched to vimeo. They seem to have better video display and compression than youtube. Youtube compresses the crap out of their stuff, making the giggling babies, playing cats and barking dog videos look even worse than they are ridiculous. Vimeo seems to do better, and to me is for the more “artsy” crowd than youtube, which, without their collections of skateboarders hurting themselves doing tricks, would be completely worthless.



Author: theosus1

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