Raindrops keep falling on my head…

Well, not really. I expected them to, but they didn’t. They stayed around the house. I spent the day back at 40 Acre Rock, trying to toughen up my leg muscles and potentially test out my rain gear. It did not go as planned. The rain gear stayed in the pack, however the leg muscles test went just fine.

First of all, there were LOTS of people there today. You couldn’t walk half a mile without running into people. All kinds, from the possible dopehead trio with the typical muscle-shirt bearded guys and the skank, to the family with kids, to the Peter Lik wannabe carrying the giant camera and tripod. It was a very interesting crowd.

I took some time to explore more than usual today, as the normal 40 acre route is not long or strenuous enough at this time of year (I won’t say that this summer…). My first detour was off the right of the trail near the pond. Found a large rock at the apex of the hill, looking down over the path and surrounding woods. Of course, it had a little graffiti on it, and signs of a fire ring underneath. No trash or anything else though, good job picking up after yourselves, graffiti vandals.

I proceeded to the big rock to collect my geocache, as I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to place one here. Once collected I decided to boil water for my cappuccino drink, but the wind started blowing and I thought I was going to get soaked from dark clouds overhead, so I just put the stove away and drank the cold water and ate my granola bar.

I walked around the perimeter of the big rock and then headed to the falls, but went to the top instead and tried to trace where the water comes from. The creek goes back a good way and it got so thick I couldn’t move. While I was up there, I could hear kids and a family at the base of the falls. Despite REALLY wanting to do some ‘squatch calling, I fought the urge and went down to the base of the falls instead. I ran into the family, and they asked me what was up there. I told them more rock and a creek, but be careful, it’s slippery.

With all of that done, there was nothing left but to hoof it the 3/4 mile back to the car. All in all it was a fun day, despite not getting rained on. I fashioned a GPS “don’t drop me” cord, which you can see in a few pictures. Its purple and is only long enough so when I drop the GPS it winds up at my waist. I feel like I’m finally getting some of this down.

Four more trips to REI and I might have enough crap to go overnight somewhere.

Make it five trips.




Author: theosus1

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