It’s comin’ up a cloud

That’s a southern expression, also meaning, “Hay y’all, it’s going to storm soon”. I’ve been southern all my life, but there’s some new thing I learn every week – like that.

I pretty much gave up on my “project 365 – end of the world” photo-a-day project. Its hard to think of something to photograph every day, especially when its pretty much the same stuff you photographed last time, plants, sky, trees, food, etc. Do I really need 57 pictures of plants growing? No – I can look at the last book.

I ran into a pretty cool time lapse of Yosemite park on vimeo (see my previous entries for the link). My iPhone’s pricey $4 camera controlling software ( crapped out, and despite numerous complaints from others, it hasn’t been fixed yet. I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself an intervalometer, essentially a camera remote with a built in timer. It only cost me $15, pretty cheap for anything camera related.

I sat the camera in the window at lunch and told it to take a picture every thirty seconds and went to work. When I returned, I had a few hundred pictures. I made a time lapse movie out of it. It was pretty dull, just clouds blowing by my back yard, but it was only my first one.

I’ve tried several others. Im getting better each time, and I’m getting more interested in stars. Its pretty wild to watch a time lapse of the stars, with something in the background like trees or a building that doesn’t move. We tend to forget that we are moving through space, and seeing the stars roll by is sort of unnerving.

Last night I wanted to get the stars off my front porch, along with the cars going by. Cars are fun at long exposures at night. You don’t see the car, only a streak of head and tail lights and whatever they light up. But the coming storm did NOT want to cooperate. I wound up taking a few lightning shots instead, before it started crashing right overhead. This was my best one (after I missed two because the intervalometer had taken over).


God's Taser.

It was too bright at first. I had to darken the shot. But is was full on dark and when it hit, the flash lit up all the trees like it was daytime. Pretty cool. Also cool it didn’t hit the large tree to the left. Taking lightning pictures is fun. Changing soiled underwear is not.


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