Finding Bigfoot

If you’ve never watched “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet, you have to give it a go. Those people are hilarious. Hey, it’s better than Jersey Shore, and doesn’t involve nudity or drunken sluts, so it’s safe for kids.

Angie and I returned to the forest to film a sequel to our wildly successful first Spoof episode. If you want to take a look-see, please do so: HERE

We have great fun at it, but as you can tell, we need some more cast and crew to really make it special. I seem to have a problem with Adobe Premiere. For some reason it’s never liked my cameras and AVI files. It always screws up the audio/video so they are never together. My child’s little canon that films in MP4 mode (apple quicktime) seems to work the best with Adobe once you convert the video to WMV. Kaylee was upset we filmed without her, but as she was away for the night, she missed out. Episode 3 is in pre-production, she can help with gaffing. We need a good gaffer.

A co-worker of mine was really upset over the SC Infernal Revenue Service. I couldn’t believe it when he told his tale:
Bank of America is getting free money again. It was bad enough when they got a bailout from the Federal Government, now they are getting free money from the state of South Carolina.
If you file a state income tax return and ask for a check instead of direct deposit, BoA opens an account for you, and sends you a Prepaid Visa card. Sounds reasonable, right? After all, its harder for someone to steal both parts from your mailbox. They have to steal the card, then come back and steal the letter with the PIN number, then try to activate it.
But why would Bank of America do this? Money.

Here’s my theory; People without bank accounts typically are the ones getting refund checks instead of Direct Deposit. I mean – after all, Direct Deposit is free, its faster and very secure. I’m sure the state had a big problem with forgeries and stolen checks before. So Bank of America comes to the rescue. Offer prepaid cards INSTEAD. How does this help BoA? These aren’t debit cards like most of us are used to. There is a different set of rules.
Of course, you can get money from ATMs – for a fee. $2.50 from non-BoA ATMs.

You can use them at Wal-Mart, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Etc., for a fee. That’s right, up to Ten Dollars for each transaction!

Just want to pull all the money out and close the account? They’ll charge you for that, too. Five bucks for that one.

Where’s occupy Wall Street on this one? No one up in arms yet? It’s hard to believe.

In happier news, I went hiking again today. Much calmer and warmer, so I didn’t freeze or get blown away. I got to put cup-o-ramen noodles to the test. I was joined by my wife, which was a pleasant surprise. She normally shies away from in-the-woods.

Angie exploring the woods.

First we went on the hiking trail, during which Angie once again accused me of lying. My last “lying” was at 40 Acre Rock. I did stretch the truth, previously, if only to offer encouragement. This time, however, I really wasn’t sure how far we had to go. I knew where I was on the trail, but the distance didn’t concern me.

On the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in SC.

After the nature hike, we went to the top of the mountain and cooked lunch. I think we interrupted a romantic liaison, as two people were making out when we got to the top. A little yippy Jack Russell type thing charged us as we went into the enclosed space. I am glad Romeo was able to catch his dog. I would hate to have punted it over the side. It’s a long way down, and I would not have hesitated had it latched onto my ankle. Control your animal if you are going to take it out in public. They left when they saw us setting up the stove, maybe they figured we weren’t leaving any time soon. Lunch was nice and peaceful, no one came to disturb us.
On the way down I met another Geocacher. He asked me if I was (insert Geocaching name here) and I said yes. He replied he knew me from a previous meeting. I didn’t remember him, but it was nice to see another cacher in the wild. Unfortunately there were no new caches in the area to get.

I didn’t learn anything new today, except that hiking is often better shared, and that cooking ramen noodles in a no-wind situation is nicer than cooking in wind. Follow this up with a trip to Lowes, much leaf-raking, pressure washing and fixing of the tiller, and I’m tired. Where did the day go? Oh yeah, the Government stole an hour from us. Why can’t they change the time at lunch on Monday? Losing part of a weekend is not fair.


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One thought on “Finding Bigfoot”

  1. We’ll get that hour back in the fall, when it is cold and dark, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sounds devine
    Glad Angie went with you. She should enjoy it. I hope one day to go———not forever and ever, but would love to just walk in and pics things and walk out and along trails.

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