The Dryer’s Epic Fail

I don’t understand the dryer. It’s the most wasteful appliance in the house. Over the last 20 years phones have gone from huge things mounted and hard wired into your car, to a device a few ounces in weight and vastly more useful. In fact this was written on a phone, while I was forced to sit through a PTA meeting.
But the dryer hasn’t changed. Oh it’s prettier and electronic and smarter, but it’s the same noisy thrumming beast from the fifties.

Problem one, summer:
I pay to cool the air off so I don’t suffocate in my house. Then I have to pay to heat the air back up so the dryer can do its job. Makes no sense. Why can’t there be both an input vent and an output vent? After all, the air outside might be 100 degrees. The air in my attic could be as much as 140 degrees. Why can’t I use that? Let the dryer suck the hot air out of the attic, heat it a little, dry the clothes, and then pump it outside. This would help cool my attic too, by replacing the hot air with slightly less hotter air.

Problem Two, Winter:
Drying clothes in winter is no efficient use of power either. I pay to heat the air so we don’t freeze. Then what does the dryer do? Heats it up and Throws It Away! Yep, it spits perfectly good hot air outside. As it sucks air in to throw outside, that air has to be replaced. So the house gets colder as air is sucked in cracks around windows, under doors, etc.

Why can’t we use this air again? Take the air from in the house and exhaust it back into to the house somehow. The only problem I see is all that humidity. At the very least, if the machine could suck in outside air, heat it and spit it back outside, you wouldn’t be pulling the heated air fro
inside the house.

Am I the only one confused as to the why of this?


Author: theosus1

New to this...will fill this out later.

2 thoughts on “The Dryer’s Epic Fail”

  1. Makes sense to me—and gave me a grand laugh!!! PS, been meaning to tell you forever, that bird feeder you gave me one xmas, I hung it in the tree, the birds LOVE it—-cats can’t get tthem, they just flit down, eat and depart eheheh. My class is over, start the next one next Thurs. Guess I will do part-time til I am too senile to remember what to say! Like the $$$$$$.

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