Charge of the Light Brigade

It’s time for a change. After years of looking up at the standard cheap four tube fluorescent light fixture over the kitchen island, we bough a new light. First I had to remove it, after we selected a replacement. This was easier said than done. There were two screws holding it to the ceiling, along with a strip of silicone running around the outside of the whole thing. Yes, it was glued to the ceiling.


So it was removed and the new bracket put in place. Unfortunately, there was a rectangle of blank ceiling bits left behind. This required a second trip to Lowes.


I neglected to photograph my use of the “popcorn ceiling repair kit in a can” for several reasons. One, there was glop everywhere. I was too busy cleaning up. Two, I was worried about the final outcome, and what I might construct to cover up the mess. I was pleased with the final result. Not completely, but pleased enough to hang the new light.


So, there they hang. A few realizations. Four forty watt tubes give off more light than three sixty watt bulbs, even though the math makes it seem like the opposite would be true. The light is directional out of the globes, which means the island gets a lot of light, but the rest of the kitchen, not so much. I need some under cabinet lights now. Time for a trip to Lowes. The whole room is warmer now. Less industrial, more intimate and homey. I really like the change.

Went for another hike today. It was a wet, cold experience. There was some rain and wind to deal with. I came to the conclusion I need to pre-rig a line for my rain fly. I hung the rainfly (essentially the roof of my hammock tent) between two trees but had to mess with rope for way too long. If it was pouring rain I would have been soaked before getting it together. After it was up though, it was nice to sit out of the rain and heat my cappuccino. I only walked two miles, but with all the hills it was a lot more work than the four I’ve been doing. I need to find a better place to go.

After all, the dead hog is still at the gate, and it’s stinky now.



Author: theosus1

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