Cold weather gear

February finally woke up and said, “Hey I’m here! Don’t forget about me!”

I like faucet-drip ice sculptures.


With a low of 20 degrees and a high of 45, compared to last week’s 70, it was a big difference. I’ve been happy, after all lower power bills are nice. Even burning enough firewood to stoke the Orient Express across Asia, sometimes those winter heating bills are a shock.

But it made for an interesting Sunday Hike.

I was on a time crunch anyway, what with having to spend the morning in WalMart. My tire decided to bring a nail home, and I had to get the tire replaced, as the tread was at the 3/32 limit. Thankfully church-nazi blue laws don’t apply to tire repair. No you can’t buy razors until 1:30, but you can get your tires fixed at ten a.m., and if you walk inside and get checked in before they open the bay doors, you get to be first, even though four people were already in line when you got there. Hahaha.

So I get home and the wife asks me if I’m going for my walk before we go out to eat. Yes! I thought I didn’t have time. I initially just put on a coat, hat and t-shirt. After loading the pack, and she looked at me funny, I took it outside and changed my mind. I added my ski gloves, sweater and my “felony hoodie”, a grey hood thing that closes over the face. I walked to the end of the Golf Course trail, two miles, and was hot enough to take off my gloves and hood. Hence:


No good place to put the iPhone here, so my “cold weather gear” pic is from ground squirrel perspective. Bad choice in undershirts however. I have a synthetic wicking shirt, but in my haste to run outside, I wore cotton. Ugh. The hiker’s motto: Cotton is Rotten. Now I know why.

I sat down to eat my raisins, and my peanut butter sandwich, and heated water for cappuccino. I found some little drug-dealer size ziplock bags in the Walmart craft section. They are perfect for individual servings of powdered drink mix like instant coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, etc. Warmed and fed I walked back. The four miles isn’t bad. I need a longer trail, or maybe something with a hill.

After a shower it was time to go Outback for the Valentines Special: two steaks, blooming onion, salad, and dessert. By the time the steaks came we were full, so we have dinner on Monday in the fridge. I haven’t been to the Outback in a while, they renovated it, and it looks great. Tasted damn good too. I think I ate back the four mile walk, and all the wood I cut and split yesterday.



Mmmmmmm. Blooming onions are awesome.


Valentines dinner is incomplete without a valentine to spend it with.

All in all it was a great weekend. Where’s the Skelaxin?


Author: theosus1

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